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On Tuesday October 1,2013 another stage of the Affordable Care Act. That allows ALL Americans without health care to sign up for it regardless of previous or current health conditions. This means if you have or have had Cancer, heart problems or diabetes as examples, you cannot be denied insurance. The great minds of Congress have been and are still trying to take this away from you. The term “Obamacare” was meant to be derisive and demeaning yet what would you think of when you can get insurance where you could not get it before? It is in our best interest (voters) to send messages to Congress at election time. The special interests (not always ours) managed to oust a few Congressmen over a single issue that is not nearly as important as your health so why can we not do the same for our health and fiscal stability? The mass media (biased and unbiased?) has given mediocre coverage to this act while highlighting the same old talking points that certain Congressional members have espoused on an ongoing basis. The push to overturn or defund  the Health Care Act is fueled by big money and “tea Partiers” who do not have your interests in mind. Just remember when elections roll around which members of Congress have had your back!

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Please Donate

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