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There was a time when women traded recipes now with many men being single due to divorce, choice or the loss of a spouse this instance has changed. I have been fairly comfortable in the kitchen as my Mom insured that all of us (9) knew the basics (my younger brother -not so much). Having assumed the task of having a meal ready for my wife when she arrives home, I look to old recipes and new ones. I sometimes try something different but simple. I have taken the crock pot as  or outdoor grill as my go to’s. I recently tried a recipe (modern) for fried rice, this added bok choy to the mix, although I could not remember the Bok Choy in any I ever ate, I put it in. This was a disaster and an affront to the palate. I was able to find a Chinese cookbook I have had for years and it had a recipe that on paper looked exactly how I imagined the dish would be. I made that one and it was all I hoped it would be. To date I have made it several times and each time it gets better as my comfort level increases. I am putting this recipe down here:

Chinese Fried Rice (Ch’ao Fan)

Heat Pan (wok or deep pan)

add 2 T. oil (olive works the best), and fry 2 C. green onions, chopped coarse, until brown. Add 2 C. cold cooked rice (this is important) and sauté. Add a mixture of 2 eggs, stirred slightly, 1 T. soy sauce (more if you like) and 1/2 t. salt;*sauté until done. For variety add 2 C. chopped cooked meat (bacon, ham, shrimp, left overs) or green peppers, chopped or peanuts, shelled and roasted, Heat thoroughly. Serves 4-6.

* May be made in advance to this point and fried in a small amount of oil just before serving.

My preferences in this recipe: I carmelize the onions a bit  more and use a little  more soy sauce and no salt. I have added fresh ginger and a bit of dried red peppers (coarse).  I  add the eggs last once everything else is cooked and heated through. Enjoy.

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