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There are many descriptions of how a person is perceived or perceives themselves yet no one can definitively say where their center is. There are centrists, leftists and rightists. The issue is that everyone’s center is different! There are degrees of centrism, leftism and rightist. It is easy to fall in the recognized category that defines these views and dispositions but the true measure of one’s leanings is found only by the individual through self examination and retrospect. There are several ways to get to this conclusion, one by may standards is religion through anyone of many sects (conventional and non standard) but even religion with the availability of spiritual leaders is more of an effect than a cause. The professional pollsters tend to ask what someone’s leanings are with questions designed to tilt the answer. This is the same erroneous route taken when scientists determine averages in a persons vital signs such as weight/height ratio, average blood pressure. There always  will be subtle and broad differences from the “norms” yet  the descriptives still hang on and become attached to views that do not fit the “norm”. If you find your own center through the process of examining what you truly believe you may find your views do not necessarily fit the “norm”.

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