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Only in Illinois can simple issues of law and government be convoluted until the issue is not only resolved but costs much more than originally intended. We have a history of deals made and broken, money taken and not repaid. The state is in debt more to the residents than any other entities. The debt incurred by poor judgment over the years has left the state, its workers and its retired workers holding an empty bag of promissory notes. The State Legislature when negotiating with the workers , made promises it could not keep as far as pensions and pay, the agreements made were untenable as these promises were based on future action which were and have not been taken. The moneys earmarked for this purpose were “borrowed” by the State to run the government but never paid back. This “borrowing” has come full circle and made the state insolvent and a “deadbeat” state! This current status is again on the backs of the workers not the State even though on the surface it appears to be a State issue. Here we are in the Land of Lincoln working under a cloud of mistaken identity.

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