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There are no more midline news agencies! Once there were the hard hitting, truth telling news outlets, these were print, on air ( radio then TV).  Truth was the order of the day in every story. These outlets for the most part have become mostly biased  to the left or right and extremely radical. There appears to be no desire for the centrist road that many news outlets once strived for. Once checkout stand staples  were  the outlaws and “yellow” rags now it appears that these tactics have migrated into mainstream publications catering to the basic fears of their readers. Years ago I wrote a speech for a college class and the theme was “you can’t believe everything you read in the paper”. As I related a fictional tale of a police raid and its result, I was surprised to see the interest in the fiction. The ending line was “this is fiction invented to show:” you cant’ believe everything you read in the papers”.  This particular speech was the one that got me a passing grade in that class. Apparently I was ahead of the game all those years ago, since the current media outlets have more  information that is more dubious in nature than truth and on air personalities whose personal beliefs are in conflict with what is real but we have many believing what they espouse primarily due to its airing. It is once more a time to pay particular attention to what’s presented by news outlets and understand that what’s presented does not represent all of us.

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