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Does anyone get the idea that we have a non viable Congress? Does anyone see the upcoming elections as another opportunity for the super rich to get a hold on the Government? We have had more than 15 plus years of influence over Government by super pacs, custom made non profits and other ancillary groups and to no good end. The only way to avoid a Government takeover by radical groups whose sole aim is do what is best for them is to vote against retention of long time servers and ultra radical new comers. We all must do our due diligence in selecting our representatives. Be wary of the “debates” and sound bites that serve only to get your attention for some actually vague issue that is unrelated to the facts but serve as precursors to the lie that follows. Remember that a known WWII tactic of telling a lie long enough so it seems like the truth-this is what caused the death of millions during that time.

Please Donate

Please Donate

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