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We are now 10 months into an administration that is moving us into a pre civil war or at least pre WWII condition. The White House is in a state of barely controlled chaos led by a guy possibly sitting on a toilet and looking at a news station that says good things about him. Could this be a syndrome or a medical condition? We all marveled, sympathized or chuckled at stories about Howard Hughes’s last days but we may be living something similar right now. No matter what your politics are or what you believe to be true, the facts are that we are in a critical stage of being on the verge of war within and without our borders. Any of you who are enjoying better medical care are in the crosshairs of the administration’s cuts to programs that support you. Your tax burden will shift and you potentially will lose some tax breaks. If these things are important to you then you need to pay attention to everything the administration does in your name. It is important to note that in Congress whose leadership has been eerily silent on the administration’s actions only a few members on both sides have spoken against these actions. These out spoken members are in danger of challengers who will tout the administration’s actions as good for you, do not be fooled by tricks and  nonsense. Politics is a dirty business and built on lies much like pre WWII Germany , through historic events and writings we know how that ended up. The key to better government is to get involved and sometimes alliance to a specific politic identity is not the way. It is far better to be an independent with leanings toward a belief than a staunch believer in any one of them. Independence allows for exposure to several areas of thought which can and should create a reasoned approach to politics which shifts like the sands of the desert. Keep in mind that politics is a dirty business and not always in keeping with the Constitution’s framers idea of a United States.


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The Roman god Janus had two faces one to look backwards and one to look forward. Our month of January is named after him. The idea is to remember the past and look to the future. I would offer that TOTUS is like Janus except his two faces spew lies that cover lies, while telling another lie. It is unfortunate that hardcore Trump supporters do not realize that he has lied to them from the start and has continued to lie in the face of the truth. Trump’s “brand” if you will has always been:

1. Lie, when caught lie again.

2. Another feature of the “brand” is bully, then lie and repeat.

3. Throw anyone under the bus and lie again

4. Sell snake oil whenever possible

5. Lastly if it doesn’t make me look good then I won’t do it and lie again.

It’s called the “Trump Brand” or Trumpism (a non communicable disease).

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“The moving hand once having writ moves on. Nor all thy piety nor wit can lure it back to cancel half a line.”

― Omar Khayyám, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Is it possible that the signing of executive orders by the “Tweeter In Chief” is a way of having a small army of people around him and being filmed is a sexual rush or just an ego driven affair? It appears that he does not read what he has signed but is quite proud to show off his signature. His goal appears to be issuing more executive orders than former President Obama but not understanding why Mr. Obama did what he did. Mr. Obama received no assistance from the Congress on much of his agenda so resorted  to executive orders when he had to. Trump is just trying to sign more and push his campaign promises into law with no thought as to the consequences. His base will suffer the effects along with everyone else but for some reason it seems that has not been a realization for them as long as he keeps his word (which we already know is worthless). Aside from what we have seen in the these 10 months of servitude, the stream of Governance tweets is good news to some and they possibly assume that the tweet storm is helpful and progressive. Meanwhile other forces are gathering to push their visions of America under his umbrella of ignorance. We must beware of the ides of Trump!

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Could this explain Trump? Perhaps not mercury but possible some other drug or the lack of? Maybe he is just bat crap crazy!

Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
July 17, 2001
Tales of the melancholia that dogged U.S. President Abraham Lincoln at various times during his life have been documented by historians and biographers and in Lincoln’s own correspondence.

Whether he suffered from a full-blown case of what today is called clinical depression is unknown. What is known, however, is that for a while, Lincoln took little blue pills to treat his condition.

Known as “blue mass,” the little blue pills were a 19th-century staple. They were prescribed for a host of ailments, including apoplexy, worms, child-bearing, tuberculosis, toothaches, and constipation.
The key ingredient was mercury—and the medication was well on its way to poisoning Lincoln when he stopped taking it in 1861, says a team of researchers in a study published in the Summer 2001 issue of Perspectives in Biology and Medicine.
“Cave of Gloom”
Lincoln lived in what a friend called “a cave of gloom.” His melancholy “was a matter of frequent discussion among his friends,” wrote William H. Herndon, Lincoln’s law partner and biographer.
Norbert Hirschhorn, a medical historian and the lead author of the new study, said of Lincoln: “There seem to be clear, qualitative changes in his underlying behavior during the 1850’s. The gloom becomes impenetrable. He becomes subject to towering rages and outbursts of bizarre behavior—jumping up suddenly and running out of the house for no reason, bursts of inappropriate laughter.”
To document the changes in Lincoln’s behavior, the authors of the study cited numerous accounts of friends and fellow lawyers who traveled the legal circuit with the man who became the 16th U.S. President.
Lincoln’s leaps to rage could be terrifying. One contemporary described his face in anger as “lurid with majestic and terrifying wrath.” Another described him as “so angry that he looked like Lucifer in an uncontrollable rage.”
During an 1858 debate with Stephen Douglas, his rival for a seat in the U.S. Senate, Lincoln became so enraged that he grabbed a former aide and shook him until his teeth chattered.
As President during the U.S. Civil War, Lincoln was known for his steady hand, patience, and wisdom. The authors believe the difference between Lincoln the statesman and the earlier Lincoln lies in the “blue mass” pills.
“Mercury poisoning certainly could explain Lincoln’s known neurological symptoms: insomnia, tremor, and the rage attacks,” said Robert G. Feldman, a professor of neurology, pharmacology, and environmental health at Boston University’s School of Medicine and Public Health, who was a co-author of the scientific report.
Hirschhorn said: “In the absence of a hair sample from 1855 to 1861, which I don’t think exists, we can’t absolutely prove mercury poisoning. But it’s a very good clinical suspicion.” Reconstructed Formula
A few months after his presidential inauguration in 1861, Lincoln told his good friend John T. Stuart that he had quit taking the little blue pills because they made him “cross.”
It’s no wonder.
Ian A. Greaves, an associate dean at the University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health, reformulated “blue mass” using a 19th-century recipe, which included mercury, liquor ice root, rosewater, honey, sugar, and dead rose petals. The ingredients were combined using a traditional mortar and pestle, and then shaped into the early pill’s typical size.
The reconstructed “blue pill” was a round gray pellet the size of a peppercorn. If taken at the normally prescribed dose of the time—one pill two or three times a day—it would deliver nearly 9,000 times the amount of mercury that is deemed safe for people by current health standards.
Because the effects of mercury poisoning are reversible, Lincoln’s decision to quit taking the little blue pills had extremely important consequences, said Hirschhorn.
“Faced with as great stresses as any President, Lincoln demonstrated incredible maturity, calm, and steadiness at the helm,” Hirschhorn said. “He might not have had that capacity if he had continued taking blue mass. That insight may have been crucial to the outcome of the Civil War.”

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What if the Native Americans decided to take America back? Do you think they would be seeking the removal of all non native Americans? What if the current and proposed immigration laws were in force in 1875? If the current  or proposed immigration laws were in effect, there would possibly be no Donald Trump as his Grandfather would not have been allowed in the United States. That being said what is wrong with Trump supporters who believe the DACA recipients are stealing jobs or college spots? Each of these people would tell you with impunity that they are not racist but ask the question : when was the last time you had a non white over for drinks, dinner or to watch a sports game? Did you support any non white people running for any elected office? or do you (did you) support the Indians in the movie accounts of “Custer’s Last stand?”. Do you now support giving as much aid to Puerto Rico as is given to Florida and Texas? Depending on the answers you may be dealing with a Racist on one of the many levels of Racism that exist. Our current administration has no good outlook for any of us matter what anyone chooses to believe about their fate and the overt or covert sense of their race. Our President is no more than a racist who has an over inflated ego with a healthy dose of megalomania. If it were not for the luck of his Grandfather and the savvy of his father, Donny would be no different than many of his supporters and no one would know who he is except for his immediate family. It is also possible the he may be a member of any one of the many anti groups.

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The current administration along with outside interests have concocted a web of lies on everything they do and will do. There is no activity that is directed toward the good of the oft cited American People. For years now the political parties have underserved us and that under service allowed for an insidious group of people to take over the Presidency. This group has taken the tactic of another 1930’s dictator and that is tell lies until they become truth in the minds of the people. Once this conversion is complete the people will believe anything that is said. We now have the real possibility of war with a rogue nation and have hardened the lines of other countries. Our allies are not sure what we are doing and therefore have had to move ahead in world affairs without us. The administration has rolled back EPA protections that will spoil our air quality for years while producing no new jobs and will surely cause health issues. This Congress has all but suborned the rash actions of this administration with no thought of the what their duty to the country is. Considering the recent the weather related  events, there have been many statements of what will be done but  more attention on the activities on the Sports fields. It is as if the administration is promoting personal issues over National interests. This is merely more lies issued with smoke and mirrors. What we could become is a nation echoing 1930’s Europe.

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The Faux News organization with the aid of Geraldo Rivera has spoken about Puerto Rico’s problems. TOTUS stated to Faux that the “fake News” is reporting Fake news about what he said. How is news fake when TOTUS said these things live and on twitter? To lie is apparently the Trump way, he lies about lies and about things that are true that he said. How messy is the inside of this mans head? America is not the only country that can elect a person who lied to become elected. 1933 (approximately) a German citizen began his ascent to chancellor of his country. This ascent involved the persecution  of ethnic groups and groups who were considered anti-German and the causes of the economic woes of the times. This led to WWII in which millions of folks who were labelled as dangerous and responsible for German problems (job loss). The buildup to the war was done secretly creating jobs for many Germans so the reasons and  effects  on “non” Germans and others who were not so sold on the program of Germany first was devastating. Many were just outright killed at the hands of the Administration and citizens (neighbors, relatives). After turning on previous allies the world took notice but too late to do anything about it. All of this was done by disseminating “fake news” and outright lies to the people. The economic crisis made all of the fake news and lies plausible since the secret manufacturing had provided employment for so many. We do not have secret or overt manufacturing beyond what exists now but we do have fake news and lies daily which incites the baser elements of our society. If  citizens do not stand up and speak up we will have hard recovery from  this well of lies and deceit. In my opinion the “Tweeter In Chief” who really did not want the job is proving daily why he should not have it. Our do nothing Congress is allowing it while collecting money from us for the privilege. Our part in this is to actively contact your representative by all means possible.

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In this year of 2017, we have access to information of all sorts and from all over the world in minutes if not seconds. In spite of this some of us chose to be stupid about events that shape or touch our lives. We have an administration that has or doesn’t want a clue as to the pain and suffering they are bringing down on us as citizens and voters. We allowed the election of a miscreant to the highest office in the land and now are crying about what he is doing to us. How did this come about? This event arrived on the heels of lies perpetrated for effect and having no basis in fact. People were and still are angry about job loss and  a slow economy, these issues were evident years ago but we still elected the same people to represent us in Congress for years. In continuing that practice of rote voting we allowed the rise of extremists on the right and left of center politics. These extreme factions arrived much like Adolph did on the heels of anger and need using lies to plant more seeds of discord against people who had little or nothing to do with the issues but were convenient scapegoats. Now we have an administration that is busily trying to return us to a less enlightened era where we are all separated into areas and factions. We need to disregard the nattering’s of politics and the current administration as their goal is  make us the country that no longer is welcoming and a world player. The effects of the changes being made by the Justice department and the assorted cabinet members will be felt almost immediately and long into the future if we keep silent. Step one : contact your representatives, do not be nice as they are not nice to you , step two: vote- every vote counts!, step Three: Get informed or WOKE! There is not 1 (one) single source for information so take the time look at several. Going back to a statement made by Benjamin Franklin: “We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.” – Benjamin Franklin

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I am sure we all are tired of the ongoing  Faux news and short media messages with no substance. It has been the long-standing practice of our Government to keep some information closed off from us, this may be right or wrong according to each individual however in some cases the less we know the better. This practice has no wrong or right but it’s use will probably continue whether we like it or not. The current administration has surpassed many of the past in its information flow. This is an administration that has no qualms in using certain media outlets to get their message out by means of  alternative facts, lies and half truths. While all of these messages are being put before us, the administration is busily overturning previous administrations laws and actions that will eventually harm us all. All of this in the guise of getting things done (even if they hurt us). It would be nice if the administration would take a part of the Hippocratic Oath that Doctors take: “First Do No Harm”. It is the duty of each citizen to seek truth by looking at several sources of information to get truth and upend alternative facts. Do not believe everything you see or read as anything can be distorted or altered in this age of electronic gadgetry. Years ago in College I wrote a speech titled ” you can’t believe what you read in the paper”. At that time there was no internet and all of it current trappings. The gist of the speech was a made up story about a raid on a home, the facts were made up and untrue, the last paragraph gave the true story, this was the only speech I got an “A” on. Now many years later that speech has become reality. Now we have the truth being unabashedly trampled daily and by the people we have elected to represent us. Our ability to get honesty is retarded by news outlets out for ratings and our seemingly endless thirst for sensationalism instead of truth. These “alternative and altered” fact purveyors have encouraged and are encouraged by people who delight in trash. Recently a “doctored” photo of an athlete in the locker room with a burning American flag was posted and taken as truth causing the twitter trolls to go crazy . After the photo was shown to be doctored the trolls continued and unfortunately our electronic media does not easily allow for retractions or corrections.  As voters we need to look carefully at what news we receive and maintain a bit of cynicism on all media if it appears to false, then investigate other sources to get the truth. Lest we forget; “Goebbels used lies to affect the death of millions in Europe”.

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According to the Jewish Virtual Library (, Joseph Goebbels said:
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it… “
 Perhaps we can call the words and actions of the current administration the ” GOEBBELS Syndrome”, or the “Goebbels Effect”. In any case there appears to be no end  to the river of lies from the White House and Congress. We have had alternative facts, expensive plane trips, expensive security among many egregious actions. This administration with the assistance of our neer do well Congress has built its house on lies. Every press conference is a litany of lies. Even when the lies are exposed the beat f goes on. Our TOTUS (Liar In Chief) is a consummate liar and has raised several liars for the future. Our Congress (bless their hearts) have their own agenda and it does not include the often cited “American People”. Given this administration’s penchant for hyperbole and shortsightedness, it should be no surprise that the so called tax code reform proposed looks at the citizenry being on the short end of the stick id this tax reform goes through. It is my opinion that this Leader(?) did not really want the job and it shows in his actions. His actions are more like many Americans who see only the tip of the iceberg and do not understand what the rest of it looks like. It is quite easy to take sides however four sides make a whole so it stands to reason that all sides need to be visible and open. we the voters are the only means to fix government, not Congress as we have seen them fail for the past 15 plus years. The time is now to fix Government. The fix is simple: pay careful attention to your representative says and votes on. Remember the healthcare fight that is still going on and what Congress was prepared to pass and tried to convince you that less was better while you paid more for it.

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