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Apparently we Americans are so used to “BS” in the news and from our elected officials that we cannot see the truth even when it affects our day-to-day lives. We elected a scammer based on BS much like we elected members of Congress on the same basis. Now we have another “Watergate” situation brewing. While all of this is happening our Congress is busily working to impose more burdens on the least of us by altering or eliminating current Health care (ACA) and financial protections (Dodd-Frank). I cannot personally speak for everyone but I can offer my opinion based on what I have read, remember and read daily. Our political system was designed to offer a method of  having all citizens represented along with their views. What we have come to is 535 seta fillers whose views are not always ours and who make every attempt to insure us that they are looking out for us. According to history, if you tell a lie long enough and often enough it becomes the “truth”, then we had a world war with the murder of millions of  people based on ethnicity and birth. Now we have a similar scenario in several countries producing millions of murdered and displaced individuals based on the same standards. The difference is now we have instant communication where the truth is often misread or obscured by true sounding lies. Our current local and national administrations at not good for us much like overeating or smoking.

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A recent Fox news show had contributor Nigel Farage calling for internment camps for Muslims was met with pushback from fellow host Clayton Morris. Internment camps have been touted as a solution against “other” groups for centuries , these “camps”  were used in many countries disguised as “communities”  but in reality were ghettos that contained certain races and religious groups. These ghettos were created by force or through quasi legal means. The Nazi internment camps were in essence “ghettos”  of death. The Native American “reservations” were and still are ghettos. African Americans were redlined into ghettos in many major cities. Some ethnic groups are still  ghettoized in some areas. To be clear: this is the defined meaning of Ghetto as it applies in  this  case:

Ghetto: “Any section of  a city in which many members of a minority group live, or to which  they are restricted as by social discrimination”. 

Reservation: Public land set aside for a special use, as for American Indians.

Internment: Internment is the imprisonment or confinement[1] of people, commonly in large groups, without trial. The term is especially used for the confinement “of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”.[2] Thus, while it can simply mean imprisonment, it tends to refer to preventive confinement, rather than confinement after having been convicted of some crime. Use of these terms is subject to debate and political sensitivities.

The amassing  of certain groups to deflect, defer or defuse the power of people by confining them in particular areas is Racism and in many cases denial of religious freedom. This activity has not changed a lot in hundreds of years yet we as human beings still allow it by action or lack of action. There will always be Racists, religious bigots and anti anyone who is different type people but we do not have to elect them to office because of a few “buzz words and sound bites” or because we are upset with the Government. These outspoken “leaders?” usually have real solutions for any of us and will stunt the growth of us all  financially and personally. We will always have people who have different opinions even to extremes but we do not have to elect them to office or allow them to hijack our democracy. The real tragedy is that we all are looking for the same things but have not found a way to accept the non-essential differences between us and embrace the sameness to work towards a common goal.

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Why would a liar be concerned about being truthful about campaign promises? The current and administration has a proven track record of stretching and subverting the truth on a regular basis. We have heard and seen a steady stream of untruths coming from our White House. The campaign promises that are being acted upon appeases a small group of people and are just another set of lies as those promises in reality cannot be kept or accomplished. There will be no return of lost jobs in coal and many other industries. The future of this country is in renewable energy and other related technologies, some of which require retraining. It would appear to me that the rational line to follow is education but we have Betsy De Vos instead. Trump has selected some of the worst people to serve in his cabinet. These people on the surface are not bad  people however they are ill-informed or under informed as to the issues their respective posts are facing. Mr. Trump for all of his rhetoric is no more than a child with too much power and cannot stay on topic long enough to understand or reason out a proper solution especially if it takes more than 140 characters. He is depending on the more radical ideas of his staff and that affects all of us now and in the future. The recent incidents in England caused him to push for his “muslin ban” with no information as to who committed these crimes. His withdrawal from the Paris climate accord again with no understanding of the effects of that action. These two examples are just indicative of the President’s inability or lack of desire to understand his  position (United States)  will be our burden for many years to came. He is doing what he has done in business, make thing happen because he promised and not taking the long range effects into consideration. Mr. Trump is setting us on a path of long time recovery from his administration. His base will suffer along with the rest of us but could conceivably not understand that their vote is why we are in this situation now and in the future. What we have at this time is a Presidency that cannot  succeed due to a lack of information related to the real world. This Presidency will put us more at risk than we have ever been, Why?, because it is built on lies!

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100 plus days into his term the President is looking more like someone who is looking to be impeached or someone who is clueless about governing. Our neer do well Congress appears to be unable to do anything about it unless they just want a cover for their personal agendas. The anti Trump messages from radicals like Ann Coulter is a sure clue that we are heading for a potential disaster at home and abroad. The President has the idea it seems that he is the smartest person in the room however when you  ignore the counsel of seasoned diplomats, you are not the smartest and are bound to board the mistake train which does not have many stops. It is a sure sign of distress when the neediest of us all vote for whoever can promise the most and crow the loudest while ignoring the underlying character flaws that could surely bring the government to a stop at home and abroad. Our allies are in a state of awe after the recent Presidential visit as they have not figured out what his agenda is (perhaps Trump hasn’t either). If we look at the current administration as a medical condition we would consider it as being  in Hospice care, just being made comfortable with no medical treatment. Many times this results in a cause of death as “failure to thrive”, along with any other medical causes leading up to the demise. The “aftershock” will be years of unraveling the mess locally and abroad while the country’s progress slows to a snails pace. The opportunity we have now is to pay close attention to our current elected officials especially the long serving ones as they have ridden to victory on promises (not kept) and innuendo.

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The current and administration is depending on the public to be upset but to take no action. The appointed cabinet members and their boss have nothing good in mind for us. Trump appointed people who he thinks will do a good job based on what he is told and not always on what he knows. Where we stand as a country is hotly debated due to the many and varied opinions of reliable or unreliable sources. So many of us rely on sources that grab our attention with headlines that are not always backed up by facts. This shading of the facts is what has led us to the current administration and the “tweet storm”. We currently have a group of cabinet members whose legacy will undo years of progress and lower the health and education standards we have achieved over the years. What can we do about it? The first thing as voters that we can do is to examine the track record of the people we have voted for regularly and see how they have represented us. Keep in mind that what they say is not always what they actually do. To roll back what has been done previously sounds and looks good in print but in reality can be devastating. If your circumstances are not as good as someone else’s, do not blame that person look at what caused the difference and you will usually find that it’s the existing laws and the people who passed them (the people we voted for on a regular basis). The pushback is simple: Listen to what the candidates say then research their records. Listen and view several news sources. You will find that there are differences and somewhere among those differences lies the truth and that is what you are seeking. Finally politics is no more than theater, entertaining but not serious enough  base an opinion on.

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Sally Yates has had her day in court and she shone like a star! The panel of neer do wells attempted several times to impugn her testimony however it appears that she is smarter than they expected (probably because She’s a woman). Several members of this panel were on the panel when she was vetted as “acting Attorney General” and asked questions which she answered yet these members brought those questions up again and were rewarded with a nice “shut up” as their reward. Then to cover up more FBI director James Comey was fired after his testimony, this firing was at the behest of Jeff Sessions (supposedly) whose sole purpose appears to be returning us to the pre civil rights era. This administration is determined to do it wrong without conscience just because the CIC is an entertainer who believes he is immune to any questions about his actions. The Trump method of operating is to spit out  orders and have them carried out without question. This is not how it works in Government! It is apparent that we have a child in the Oval office who wants to take his ball and go home but can’t so he rants on social media. He has spent valuable time and energy trying to complete his campaign promises in the first 100 days (his stated time line) and has become frustrated when he couldn’t. This lack progress in his eyes is someone else’s fault thus the campaign style meetings outside of the White House. In his haste to undo all things Obama, he has created a fear and an anger among us all that will not be abated until he is out of office. TOTUS’s actions are reminiscent of the “Tammany Hall” era of New York and I wonder what will his downfall leave in its wake. The free press and media have been locked out of press conferences so all news sources are suspect and possibly contrived. Our Allies are looking at all of this and wondering if we as a country will recover from this witch hunt. As voters we have one solution-become informed and vote, show the power of the people to effect change. If we don’t no one else will.

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The past 10 years in politics have shown the dirtiest side of politics since McCarthyism.
The lies we are told about candidates, proposed laws and laws that are passed have been so outrageous at times that it is small wonder that a Trump presidency came about. Politics appears to be more about lies innuendo and insults than facts. There have been stories about candidates that prove to be true and just as many not. Without going into the many lies and insults, lets just go to what we know is true:

Donald Trump is a consummate liar.

Our Congress members are not to be trusted.

Donald Trump appealed to the anger of many of us who have gone unheard by their Congress.

The small group of Racists in our midst have latched on to Trump as a champion because he doesn’t know any better and loves to be adored at any cost.

Donald Trump is so insecure that his method of dealing with problems (and non problems) is an insult and or a lie.

The Spokes people for Totus seem to be uninformed and will do what ever he says out of fear.

The over coverage of the signing of Executive orders is more a photo op than anything serious as those orders will be at some point repealed or if not cause great harm to us.

Our Congress is using Totus as cover for their own nefarious actions.

Our Congress’ healthcare is not affected by the ACA or the new Health care act.

There are so many more items that can be added that I would spend the next several days listing them. It is the duty of each reader to pay attention to the real news (not Fox) to determine what our Congress is doing to us as they are surely not doing anything for us.

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Edited today: Congress is covered under the ACA so it is odd that they have made changes that affect their Health, see yellow highlight MA.

Currently our government is in chaos and lead by a non functioning Congress who are at this time no more than opportunists who are playing on the whims of a inept leader. The leadership of our country is based on a person who garnered the office by “straight talk” that has no basis in the real world and cannot operate in a governing position. Tweets and executive orders are  not governing. The Congress is in the background attempting to dismantle the Affordable Healthcare Act maliciously  dubbed “Obamacare”. This healthcare change has the potential to devastate many households and even States. Keep in mind that the folks deciding on these changes will not affected by these changes!  These same elected officials have stated time and again what the “American People” want and they apparently have no idea what the “American People”  want since they never asked! What has happened is the Politicians have taken the tactic of telling the same story as if it were true to convince many that it is true . This method of speaking is similar if not the same method a European strongman used to convince the populace that the Jews were the reason that the Country was in such dire straits (not the previous failed war). If we are not careful here in America we could be going down the same path led by an inept Leader and a more duplicitous Congress. This type of political activity is evident even down to the State and local levels.

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Who are the American people that the politicians and their spokespeople (cohorts) are always speaking about and for? We have had the politicians who are running or backing someone who is running asserting what the “American people” want or do however how do they come by what “the American people” want. I believe this phrase is just another method of garnering attention for or against some issue while putting an idea out there as truth without any backup. It is easy to issue statements that appear to be correct, true or plausible on  the surface but in the light of day they seem to crumble. We have many well known, high profile pundits and on air celebrities who associate with one party or another along with the various sub sects of those parties, yet none can or do speak for the “American People”. It is difficult to speak for people you don’t really know beyond some scientific (sometimes pseudo) information which can be suspect as the sampling for the gathering of this information can be skewed by factors that are as diverse as the “American People”. The idea that a political aspirant can speak for all or most is inherently flawed since these runners selectively meet and greet with their existing or potential constituents. It is unfortunate that the electorate has become so tired of the all of the promises that they will and tend to believe the freshest information that aligns with their current feelings about the government as it relates to their current situation. The real facts as I see them are: We (voters) have to be better informed and not be guided by talking heads whose sole job is to present information as fact according to who they work for. The more controversial the better and the truth is immaterial, voters have to do their own detection of the truth and then vote as they see fit. We have an obligation to ourselves to oust (by vote) any and all representatives who do not truly represent us. Read the Constitution (it is only a few pages) and understand that it is not absolute and therefore can be interpreted according to our times and laws not any individual or organization. The Constitution as with any written or spoken words can be skewed to suit an agenda but personally reading it should give you a better idea of what is about and how it relates. It is unfortunate that we have reached a state that we keep the most divisive people in office  then elect someone who is so unqualified as to be considered inept just because we want change. It is “woke” time

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The  strike on the Syrian airfield was effective for a few hours, with no follow up the Syrian air force went to the air again and bombed the same village they attacked before once again. There was no apparent discussions on how to proceed from there. It has been disclosed that the Obama administration was stopped from making a strike by the CONGRESS and now TOTUS authorized the strike with no approval from the same Congress and not a word has been said other than glowing approval from the media and some Congressional members. The issue now is what is to be done now. Given the paucity of truth coming from the Legislators and the Whitehouse, what is the electorate supposed to think? Are we heading for an armed conflict with Russia, North Korea? The titular head of the country seems to be getting his information from the news (FOX?) rather than his self appointed advisors. Where indeed are we headed? It looks as if the spinning fan is nearing its inevitable pile of dung! Taking the continual outpouring of semi and full lies from 1600 and the Dome, we (voters) need to pay attention to everything that is said by the people we elected since many of these small things will resonate for years to come. The town halls that have been occurring in various parts of the US have shown that many formerly pro Trumpists are not happy and have voiced their opinions loud enough to cancel town halls. To add to the mix we have the military leaders working in a vacuum. The first 100 days have become a focal point in the news as to what is being accomplished by the White House. This is no measure of real accomplishment it is merely an arbitrary timeline to compare one administration to another. The campaign side of the race is over and the real work needs to start in a serious manner. Our big issue is how effective will the President be and to what end? It has been said many times and  in as many days- “talk is Cheap!”. Healthcare and job growth will be the big domestic issues, to accomplish either or both will require some critical thinking and looking at them with eyes of the people who are and will be affected their changes. There are jobs in healthcare which will be affected by any changes, there are opportunities to grow jobs if the “wall” resources are put into infrastructure, keeping In mind that coal jobs are not coming back so those folks can be moved into the infrastructure jobs. The soon to be or possible soon to be eliminated environmental jobs will have to go somewhere , how about infrastructure? If the current Congress is for the people then these are just some areas where they can do some good for a change.

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