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Apparently Eric Trump is much like his Dad, he shoots from the lip and in that he tells the truth on the Fox network (non fake news).MA

Eric Trump: My Dad Isn’t Racist Because He Only ‘Sees 1 Color, Green’

Lee Moran
HuffPost January 17, 2018
Eric Trump set Twitter alight Wednesday with a flimsy defense of his father against accusations of racism. President Donald Trump’s second son told “Fox & Friends” his dad couldn’t possibly be racist because he only “sees one color, green. ” That’s all he cares about. He cares about the economy. Right, he does not see race,” Eric Trump said. “He’s the least racist person I have ever met in my entire life. It is total nonsense.”
Eric Trump offered the defense during a discussion of last week’s White House meeting on immigration, when participants said his father described Haiti and some African nations as “shithole countries.” Trump denied using those words, but Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) who was present, contradicted him and said the president repeatedly used the racist insult.
Eric Trump said it was “very sad” that his father’s critics would continue to demonize the president, even if he cured cancer.
Many people, however, called out the Trump scion’s defense, claiming it shows how the Trump administration was only looking out for itself.

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Who doesn’t believe that Resident Trump is a Racist along with many members of Congress? The Resident has no filter or ability to filter so what he says is what he thinks (think may be too strong a word). The recently reported outburst about immigrants is just one of these unfiltered events, much like the engineered town halls that Trump likes. Our Majority Congress has completely failed all of us in that several Dupublican members were present at the latest “utterance” and have denied hearing what he said or are defending it by trying to explain it or Trumping the blame onto the Democrat who was present. This type of slipping the yoke of responsibility is what we will have unless we voters oust some of the sitting Congress to get some traction on real democracy. Following a particular political ideology is everyone’s privilege but not to a fault. A general party line is of but remember each party has a hardline that defies the general line to point of non-existence. If as a voter you vote party regardless of the candidate’s beliefs and do not consider the outliers within that party then you probably should not vote at all since your voice will be muted by your own ignorance.

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Apparently the Resident is on the edge of a breakdown or is he? The recent comment in a meeting with Congress has shown the true colors of Donald Trump and his elitist attitude. His rollbacks have shown that he no longer or never did care what his actions have and will do to America (not Trumps America). His Racist followers fail to see how his actions while perceived as happily pro white will haunt them as well as other targeted Americans. It is well to remember American was White second by way of European travelers arriving here and decimating the Native population from coast to coast with impunity. In the interim between those times and now the Native American population has been relegated to small pockets of land and in some cases dire poverty. Making America Great Again is no more than a Euphemism for “Whites Only, the only good Indian is a Dead Indian, all blacks and Mexicans are lazy while using the so called lesser Americans to do the work that “White” Americans will not do or do not want to do. It is pretty clear that we have a Racist in the White House who has seemingly come into his own with the tacit approval of our Neer do well Congress notably the Leadership who have been silent in many instances where you would hope a spokesman for the people would not be. By extension we have a Congressional leadership  for the most part that will overlook the gross incompetence of this Resident in order to get their own poor policies enacted. Listening to the conversations in the wake of The Resident’s Racist comments, it is clear that may be more members of Congress who are in accord if not in lock step with this poor leadership in the White House. Voters need to pay attention and reflect on what has been said and what has been promised compared to what is occurring right now. The power  to change is in the hands of the voters not in the hands of lifetime politicians who lie for a living and apparently have no moral compass.

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All of the recent coverage and back and forth over a recently published book and the declaration of his intelligence makes one wonder if the Resident is really in touch with reality. Looking at the reality of sending immigrants back to their homelands after 10 or more years of working in the U.S., paying taxes, buying homes and raising American citizens, there appears to be no notice taken of the money that will be lost from taxes, purchasing power and brain power. There are studies available showing how these various groups of immigrants affect the U.S. economy and there are some exaggerated claims in the negative but far fewer in the positive. The overall positives suggest that the “illegal immigrants” have contributed more to the U.S. economy than they have taken from it. My sense of this is that our Resident is not interested in justice, correctness or any other reasonable  solutions for the folks who have arrived here through no fault other than political problems, weather related devastation in their home countries, many of which we subsidize anyway. It is well to note that many long time GOP legislators are electing not to run for reelection especially after a cantankerous run with Former president Obama and the odd association with the current Resident. I am of the opinion that these mass retirements are to avoid painful questions on the campaign trail from the constituencies they have all but abandoned in the Name of Trump.MA

He’s reckless and uninformed. But that doesn’t make Trump crazy.
Matt Bai 3 hours ago

There’s a bunch of ignominious ways in which the grand Trump experiment could come crashing down prematurely. The special counsel’s investigation could conceivably lead to the president’s indictment, or to some public revelation that isolates him and leaves him no choice but to slink away like Richard Nixon. Or I guess the president could lose Congress to the Democrats and find himself facing impeachment for obstruction of justice.
Personally, I think the more likely scenario has President Trump drawing a credible primary challenge in 2020 and finding out that he’s actually a lot less popular than his choreographed rallies lead him to believe. I could see him standing down rather than risking humiliation, just as Lyndon Johnson did under similar circumstances.
Here’s how Trump’s presidency won’t end, though: with his Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment and declaring him mentally unfit to serve. Because the president’s most senior subordinates won’t ever call him cognitively deficient, and near as I can tell, there’s no compelling reason they should.
This whole topic surfaced after the publication of Michael Wolff’s new insider account of the administration, “Fire and Fury.” I haven’t read the book, because life is short and too full of Trump already, but apparently Wolff suggests that some of those around the president worry openly about his aptitude and stability.
Coming just after Trump’s latest boneheaded tweet to his North Korean counterpart, Wolff’s account added a burst of oxygen to a fire that’s been dimly burning in elite faculty lounges since Trump took office. A Yale medical school professor named Bandy X. Lee, a renowned expert in mental health, has been pushing this case for many months, even publishing a series of essays by 27 clinicians who have expertly diagnosed Trump’s dangerous mental deficiencies by watching CNN.
Lee briefed Democratic senators on the president’s imminent unraveling just last month, and now Republican “Never Trump” types have joined in on the suggestion that the president may have some loose bulbs up in the penthouse.

Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress have announced plans to introduce a couple of bills that could get some traction if Democrats manage to take back the House; one, proposed by Maryland’s Jamie Raskin, would charge a new congressional commission with evaluating the president’s fitness and advising the vice president on whether to invoke the magical 25th Amendment.
That’s the amendment, added in the wake of President Kennedy’s death, that establishes specific guidelines for the transfer of power when the president is incapacitated and for the appointment of a vice president when the post is left vacant. It also empowers the vice president and Cabinet to take the keys from the president, at least temporarily, if they decide he’s in no shape to be steering the country.
Trump, as I’m sure you heard, responded to all this by trying his damnedest to confirm everyone’s worst fears. In a now famous tweet, he referred to himself as a “very stable genius,” which immediately brought to mind those old Road Runner cartoons where Wile E. Coyote was always handing his “super genius” business cards through fake doors perched on cliffs.
“Donald J. Trump, Stable Gen-i-us.”
Anyway, what’s the evidence that Trump is careening toward a breakdown? According to Lee’s research, and please note that this comes from a professional evaluation and can’t be entirely comprehended by a layman, Trump has been spreading conspiracy theories, contradicting himself a lot and tweeting crazy stuff at all hours of the night.
In other words, it’s Thursday.
Of course Trump isn’t right. Let me go out on a limb and say he’s detached, irrational, childish, narcissistic, possibly delusional, and probably deeply scarred by parents who withheld affection and left him feeling eternally unlovable. Also, his hands are small.
But we’ve known all that since the early stages of Trump’s campaign, and the voters elected him anyway, as was their right. And just by the way, if Trump’s crippling insecurity and dark countenance set him apart from other occupants of the office, then it’s mostly a question of degree.
Lyndon Johnson sometimes wouldn’t go to sleep without someone standing by, so haunted was he by loneliness. Bill Clinton raged arbitrarily and behaved in reckless, addictive ways. Richard Nixon prowled the White House mumbling about enemies and obsessing over the Kennedys. And that was just the last half-century.
Trump isn’t a fraction of the president that any of those men were, I’ll grant you. But that’s not because he’s emotionally damaged or chemically misfiring. It’s because he’s uninformed, uninterested and unserious.

Is Trump losing his mind? Rumors persist in Washington, more wishful than well sourced, that Trump is often forgetful and disoriented. Joe Scarborough, a onetime friend and current adversary of the president, aired what he said were whispers he’d been hearing for months about the president possibly suffering from early stages of dementia.
But they said the same thing about Ronald Reagan in his second term, and while that period may well have marked the beginning of his eventual decline into Alzheimer’s, which he acknowledged five years after leaving office, it may also have simply been age and stress. That line can be hard to draw.
No one’s shown me any evidence, to this point anyway, that Trump is anything other than a 71-year-old guy who never focused all that well to begin with. Or to put it another way: On the long list of reasons why America does not need another boomer president, loss of acuity and general crankiness do not rank near the top.
The larger point here is that the 25th Amendment, which has never been invoked, is a fallback reserved for cases where a president is truly incapacitated or impaired. It does not exist to negate bad decisions by the electorate. It is not there as a mechanism to remove an emotionally weak and impetuous president whom Americans elected because half of them decided they preferred emotionally weak and impetuous to the alternative.
Democracies — or republics, but let’s not get into that here — get to make bad choices and suffer the consequences. They do not get bailed out by gaggles of PhDs who know better.
And the problem with appointing some commission to pursue such an extreme course of action is that it’s likely to become just one more weapon for partisans who reflexively seek to delegitimize every election and every president. Just like articles of impeachment and special prosecutors, a remedy once considered suitable for only the most unimaginable cases is bound to become another quadrennial drama, further eroding the presidency itself.
That’s a kind of crazy we could do without.

The recent and past efforts to remove Illegal and semi legal aliens from the U.S. appears to be quite random in that the contributions of these workers is being ignored. The Salvadorans who send remittances  have provided more aid to that country than the U.S government. It appears to me that these refugees from all of the countries in the southern Hemisphere have made contributions to this country and their own by the remittances they provide. The jobs and niches they fill will possibly go undone as they are more qualified and are willing to do them. This administration has spent more time in trying to fulfill campaign promises than actually looking at these issues and making rational decisions. Our Resident while extolling his intelligence keeps showing his lack of and his need to fully understand the job of President of the UNITED STATES. The billions he wants for the “wall” is better used for infrastructure rather than a border wall which will have minimal impact. It would be a better use of his time to mend some fences with our allies and use those connections to move his agendas forward especially in the areas of illegal residents.  There has been no thought of the farmers who use the migrant workers to produce their products but no Americans have now or before stepped forward to do those jobs. “America first “is a buzzword that only excites his ever shrinking base and many of them are areas that have few job opportunities and some are unwilling to do the work done by these immigrants. If he were able to get past his ego we could possibly “Make America Great Again” but not without all of the American people and the immigrants who work here.


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Apparently the 2 Koreas are seeking to talk about an agreement in spite of the White House Resident’s rhetoric and childlike banter. This accord could cause a softening of the North’s Hardline and dilute the US’s influence in the area. If this accord works, it is possible that the area including Japan, China and other regional players could assist and join in talks.MA

Al Jazeera and news agencies
an hour ago

A North Korean official says his country will likely take part in the upcoming Winter Olympics held in arch-rival South Korea as fears of war on the divided peninsula continue to subside.
Chang Ung, North Korea’s International Olympic Committee (IOC) representative, made the comments to reporters in China at Beijing’s international airport, Japan’s Kyodo news agency reported on Saturday.
North Korea will “likely to participate” in the Games in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, Chang said. The Winter Olympics will be held from February 9-25.
Citing unnamed sources, Kyodo and Japanese broadcaster NHK said Chang was on his way to Switzerland where he may meet with IOC officials.
South Korea’s government and Olympic organisers are eager for North Korea to take part in the Games to help ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula stemming from Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes – and US threats to target them.North Korean leader Kim Jong-un offered to send a delegation to the Olympics in Pyeongchang in a New Year’s speech. North and South Korea have agreed to discuss the Olympics in rare talks at the border – the most militarised in the world – starting on Tuesday.
The reports on Olympic participation also come after South Korea and the US announced they would postpone joint military exercises that rile North Korea. Pyongyang says the war games held multiple times each year are a precursor to an American-led invasion.
Last year, US President Donald Trump threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea, and Pyongyang responded by warning its new intercontinental ballistic missile could deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the United States.
But the new year has witnessed a marked softening of mutual animosity that raised the spectre of nuclear war.
US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told The Associated Press on Friday it remains unclear what next week’s meeting of the two Koreas will achieve.
“Is this the beginning of something? I think it’s premature,” said Tillerson. “We’ll see if the North Koreans come with more than just wanting to talk about the Olympics.”
South Korean opposition parties have struck a cautious tone over the latest developments, warning against making concessions to the North to secure its Olympic participation.
Tillerson called the Koreas meeting a sign that the US-led campaign to isolate North Korea was working.
“It’s an indication the pressure campaign is causing the leadership, the regime in North Korea, to begin to think about ‘this can’t go on forever,'” he was quoted as saying.
The meeting could be a “vehicle through which they would like to tell us that they would like to have some discussions”, Tillerson added.
“It could be meaningful, it could be important. It could be a meeting about the Olympics and nothing else happens.”

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The Resident has made his New Years speech and there was very little substance beyond what we have seen so far or including his agenda. It appears to me that signing his name in lack felt tips and tweeting are his strong points. There has or possibly will be no more substantial work done beyond executive orders to undo whatever he can no matter what the outcome is. It is the job of the President to do what is best for the country and that includes the population (all of us). The cabinet choices appear to be a group of backslappers who have no real abilities that will benefit the country but make up the Resident’s “Amen chorus”. The recent release of excerpts from a new “tell all” book By Michael Wolff has pitted TOTUS against his one time associate Steve Bannon. The Resident has again reacted by pointing his barbs at Bannon with statements as to his mental stability (pot calling the kettle?). It is curious that the Resident’s method of dealing with issues is to attack in the child like fashion that has become his signature from the beginning.  For a country (US) that was up until 2017 was considered a world leader we have become a joke in some areas and  non player in others. Our ability to protect our selves and assist allies is severely compromised by the tweetstorm method of governing.  It appears to me that governing is about the Country and it’s people not about 1 person who happens be the Titular head. Essentially: ” Dude, it’s not about you!” At the rate we are going I am wondering “When will we see the gurney with a towel covered head leaving the White house by a secret or rear door”.

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No backsies Marco, You had an opportunity to voice your opinion and vote no. It is clear that you are no better than YOUR Resident, DJT.MA

Talking Points Memo
Allegra Kirkland
18 hrs

17 in ’17: The political moments you already forgot

© Provided by NewsCred

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) said Friday that he believes the recently passed GOP tax bill did too much to help the bottom line of America’s largest corporations.
“I thought we probably went too far on [helping] corporations,” the Florida Republican told the Fort Myers-based News-Press.
“By and large, you’re going to see a lot of these multinationals buy back shares to drive up the price,” Rubio continued. “Some of them will be forced, because they’re sitting on historic levels of cash, to pay out dividends to shareholders. That isn’t going to create dramatic economic growth.”

The bill passed by the Republican-controlled Congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump last week slashed the corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent. It also includes a number of provisions that benefit the country’s wealthiest residents rather than the middle-class Americans the GOP has insisted will benefit from the plan, including a cut to the top income tax rate and for pass-through businesses.
The bill will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2018.
Rubio told the News-Press he was unconcerned about polls showing that most Americans disapprove of the legislation, saying the media has unfairly influenced peoples’ opinions and that ultimate perception of the bill will be based on “what their paycheck is telling them.”

This article was written by Allegra Kirkland from Talking Points Memo and was legally licensed through the NewsCred publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to

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Abraham Lincoln Stated: “If you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. This  current administration has made that clear.  We have cabinet comprised of a group of wealthy people who due to their money make, coerce or intimidate people to get their way. Their objective appears to be imposing uninformed opinions on the American people while repealing and replacing existing laws and protections. Did you know that the GOP (Dupublicans) have been trying to play fast and loose with social security by touting it as an entitlement? Social security and Medicaid are not entitlements  but savings that keep people make all of their working life.  This maladministration Has taken credit for what was accomplished by previous administrations while taking other  ill-advised actions that will go against the well being of the often Cited American people in the future. The same American people who voted them in based on their Lies and soaring unrealistic rhetoric. All the while our so-called legislators are busily pushing us into a spiral of worse health care and less personal wealth due to an abominable Tax plan. The political system we use has been touted as one of the best however due to the voters taking our eyes off of our elected officials they have committed acts in our names and lied to us about what they have done. There are few if any laudable character traits in our Congress. The few possible Statesmen or Women are overwhelmed by the self serving party line seat fillers who have shown their character over the past 10 years. We have ignored or misunderstood their activities until it hits us at home (then it is too late). It is OUR DUTY as voters to investigate these folks as their campaign speeches are no more than “orchestrated information” to gain election using often absent or skewed facts. These tit for tat campaigns are rarely completely honest and we must see them as just that. I see the campaign speeches as either lies with a smattering of truth or truth with a smattering of lies, the key is be informed so you know the difference.

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I have decided to not use the letter “P” when addressing, writing or speaking about the current administration’s head. Given the words and actions of this TOTUS, in my opinion there is no reason to elevate him in name to leader of our country. Looking at the recent tweets and speeches along with the statements by UN representative Nikki Haley I have determined that the sooner we can elect a replacement the better. It may prove to be unwise to impeach as we could have Mike Pence or even Paul Ryan which could put us in a deeper hole. It will already be a tough slog to bring the Government back to normal after mid term elections but if we as the often cited “American People” pay attention and realize that our political system’s health depends on us not the people we have elected over the years by not fully vetting them. It is true that campaign rhetoric is more talk than action but we must look at the backgrounds of the candidates and their backers. All of this information is readily available if one choses to look. A starting place is examining multiple sources of news and information, there is and never will be a one stop know it all source as there will never be a 100% accurate source. This past election should prove that all information is not true and all politicians are not 100% honest. This dishonesty is partially the fault of the voters (us) as we appear to want to be riled up by buzzwords and sound bites, this desire for entertainment belongs to the TV set not in election campaigns. We as voters need people who do not play to the crowd but have serious answers to serious questions. It is wise to remember that all campaign promises cannot be accomplished as we still have 535 seat fillers who have been in office too long and need to be replaced hopefully with better people. As a voter and citizen I have made the leap to understanding politics by reading multiple sources of information in order to become a well informed voter and I hope you will do the same. NO more “P”!

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