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For lnce could opinion writers get as many facts as there are available on a  topic? America has freedom of the press which means almost anything can be published according to the standards of the publishing media. Often there are some published items that verge on and in fact are lies or variations of the truth to the extent of being untrue. I have been paying close attention to the upcoming electioneering for 2016 elections and many writings and speeches center on the ACA (Obamacare). In spite of the ongoing improvement and success of the program many believe there are two programs, one is Obamacare which they hate due to the initial trashing and dissemination of incorrect information, then the ACA (Affordable Care Act) which they like. There are many on the Dupublican side who want to trash the ACA and put in something they say is or will be better. This better system has yet to be written or even spoken so if the current system reasonably working system is trashed what will participants be left with? If these anti ACA people in Congress really want to have something better  they should have participated in the initial proposal when the opportunity was there for them. It appears that Congress is too busy doing little more than grandstanding for the media to actually do their job such as reading proposed legislature and tweaking it as their better serving predecessors did. These current seat fillers have followers who believe what they spout because they are die hard party followers for reasons of their own (or perhaps they cannot change) and I believe they are against the idea that a man darker than them should  occupy the White House in a capacity above servant. If the Dupublican party succeeds in gaining the Presidency , let us hope the man (or Woman?) they select has integrity along with a dose of common sense. If this becomes the case I am sure the current anti Obama (and coincidently anti Dark and Female)  will be upset then too. For 1nce let us all understand that this is modern America and still the country that has more freedoms than many and the ability to protect the people even if we are not thrilled with the way it is done. Where else can you voice an opinion about what the government does and not go to jail for life or just disappear? For lnce,  embrace the variety of America and be American, vote when its time, read for yourself and do not fall into the media ‘s “listen to me” black hole.

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