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Political Slavery as defined by me is the purchase of political influence by the well off, very well off and super well off to alter what is good for them and not for us. Modern politics has shown us that if you have enough “disposable income” you can buy anything (politicians). We already know that the Koch Bros and  Mr. Adelson  have donated millions of dollars to get “their Candidates” elected and we know that once bought and paid for these candidates and their parties belong to the big donors not the people. Our Supreme (?) court has now made these purchases legal. We are now reverting back to ante bellum days when slavery was legal but for Blacks only. Currently we have a group that is enslaved by the dollar unfortunately they are the lawmakers we the people (remember us?) elected. There are opinions written by many and they get a lot of media play written, spoken and or seen yet they have a monochromatic view of what is really happening. I have personally  decided to avoid when ever possible these single view publications in favor of the more unpopular honest views  than many of us want. I see the this modern age of electronic media to be at once a boon and a curse as there are no restrictions on what is said or shown if it is just under the threshold of what the FCC considers incorrect or objectionable. There is no true freedom of the press since most publication’s policies are dictated by the owners and the editorial staff they select to run their enterprises. Is it not surprising that Mr. Adelson held court to be wooed by politicians seeking favor and cash for their political run for the Presidency? Solution: vote for the other guy? We have such huge problems in government right now that anyone new would be better. Unfortunately our choices are slim but if we remember that sound bites and slander are not what should get our attention -its just political theater with no popcorn! We have enough specious entertainment daily with the several “judge shows” or the shows with the baby daddy’s and baby mamas’ or who slept with who. Political entertainment does not get the Government’s (our) work done. If we really want good government stop looking for entertainment in the news and begin paying attention to serious news (not Fox). Information is more relevant than gossip.

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