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There has been and continues to be much coverage on the upcoming State races for legislators and the Governor, the incumbents  are running on their “records”, the aspirants are running their mouths and putting forth solutions that have come and gone many times. One idea put forth is term limits, I have written about this several times and the fact remains-no legislator is going to vote on term limits for themselves. Why set limits on their ability to have a job that pays well enough with perks that would support several lesser earning families. They have a job that allows them to say anything (correct or not) get away with it and still retain the office. Their track record for production would cause the average American company to fail (not that the State is doing that well). These arrant “representatives” of the people make more of telling what they will or have done than actually producing results. The end result is that we vote for them over and over again because they play keep away with the truth. The idea of redistricting is another ploy to keep the voters going their way. They use this as a way of saying we are making it easier to serve everyone in an equitable manner but this redistricting is just another way to sway votes in the way they want. What is wrong with using the boundaries of the existing counties as voting districts instead of playing fast and loose with the various  manufactured ones? We have  101 counties with well defined borders and they have not changed in years, the only thing that has changed are the demographics (we are a mobile country) and that is what the legislators look at. It does not matter  that many of their political speeches espouse the idea of representing “all” of the people, what’s apparent is as citizens we are represented by people who have taken care of themselves and their cronies rather than the people who elected them. Term limits are the domain of the voters-if you do not vote for them, they will not be elected.

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