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As we now know and have believed the Rebels backed by Russia are out of control and now the UN is finally making moves to act. My personal observation is simply send UN forces to put down the rebels and restore Ukrainian sovereignty. Administer the required justice to the rebels up to and including imprisonment for the murders of a plane full of civilians. We all know that Russia is the force behind them and we should not stand still for it.  It is bad enough that the middle east is in a  precipitous position  without the threat of Russia asserting control over once held territories. Anyone believing we  (the UN) should not be involved is living in a fairy tale and keep I mind that there is a brewing issue with China and Japan which could at anytime grow. We have one more small but dangerous area, North Korea a regime that has allowed its people to starve while still threatening its neighbors and everyone else. We all need to pay attention to this as it could be our future.

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