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The common thread in out political system is the voting public. We as voters have access to a myriad of sources for information (formerly called news) yet we rely on from one to two main sources for that information. Any person over the age of 60 remembers when news was reported by people who genuinely cared about what they were presenting and made every effort to insure the accuracy and correctness of that content. Those who can will also recall when politicians actually worked for their constituents even though we winked at their indiscretions and errors. We as voters were more informed with more accuracy then than now. In the information age, the truth has a hard time keeping up with the non truth as information is instant and immediate but often incomplete. To get to the question” who is responsible-really?”. Answer appears to be the voters as we have allowed ourselves to advertised into “boxed” thinking. We have a political system divided by Red states, blue states , conservatives, liberals and on and on , we have stopped being just people with differences and making the effort to live with those differences to move the country in the correct direction. We are currently in the grips of a poorly functioning, divided government dominated by barrages of blurbs, sound bites and buzzwords which do no more than confuse and incite. It is small wonder that since WWII up to the end of the Vietnam era, we made progress and thereafter we started to go backwards in allowing inept political representatives make decisions that affect us many years later. Right now we have a High court that has in effect reversed years of progress in equal rights for all of us. Next shoe to drop will be reversals in the Affordable Care Act, the Congress will be delighted with this even though they are complicit in its failure by not participating in refining it rather than using it as a negative in a political campaign. These reversals are just a part of the overall failure of our seat fillers to do the job they are paid to do.  It would be a great blessing to have a unified government even with the differences in ideals but that cannot happen until we as voters remove ourselves from party loyalty and back people who Really have the interests of All of us in their minds and will fight for them.

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