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Monthly Archives: October 2014

In this season of elections, there is the usual mudslinging, innuendo along with a host of misspeak and lies. The basic idea is to spend millions of dollars to gain an office that pays OK but not nearly enough to offset the election expenditures. This is called public service since the positions sought are more about influencing public policy and government. It is unfortunate that many years ago a handful of men committed treason to create a better government of the people and it has become subverted to be a government of the governors. We are in essence under the control of anarchists who under the guise of a political party are little by little removing our “constitutional rights”. The voting laws in many states are being challenged and changed, civil and personal liberties are being eroded. We the people are on sidelines as onlookers and being “advertised” into voting for one person or another  much like we are advertised into buying products in the stores. Our political system is being regulated by moneyed interests who on one hand contribute vast amounts of cash to PBS (Public Radio) while backing  almost right wing politicians for re-election and against incumbents of the opposite political party.

It is fine to support a person you believe will do a good job in a political office but to support someone who has in the seat for more than 2 terms is a fallacy! Name recognition  is not the way to vote for a candidate ( this is why these folks spend so much money on advertising spots), it makes more sense to change the representatives before they become too comfortable in the job (term limits), this means we do not blindly re-elect the same people all of the time no matter what they say they will  do or have done. It is easy to agree with you on the campaign trail but quite different in the back halls and offices of  government. There will always be deal making, give and take  but this is normal to achieve the best solution. It is when the deal goes against the interest of the electorate that we need to show who is boss. I have always advocated term limits for elected officials but they (elected officials) will never impose that on themselves especially if we want it to be a law, if that argument is ever taken up , it will be stuffed with so much other unrelated and potentially harmful stuff as to be useless. Term limits is the weapon of the electorate and we need to wield it when ever necessary.

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I was listening to “On point” today and the guest was Russell Brand ( the comedian). He has written a book that some would call anarchy but I would say that he  is talking about Americans (or any “free” countries) taking back control of their country. The plan is simple and I have advocated this for a long time-term limits. In case you haven’t thought about it, our Congress has served too long and have lost touch with the much touted “American People”. Even though many of us know that the Congress will not set term limits for themselves (much like they will not legislate against the “revolving door” of politics and lobbying) we still expect them to do the “right thing”. Russell Brand’s book merely points out what I have stated all along term limits is the power of the people to vote for or against a candidate. If we as multiracial. multicultural and international country would at last decide to make the needed changes in government, then term limits would be set by the simple act of voting. Political campaigns have become no more than extensive mud slinging advertisements and events to coerce (yes coerce), bully or badger us into voting for them. If a candidate (incumbent or not) has to use these tactics to win then we need to vote for his opponent even if we  are not sure of them.It must be ever present in our minds that  limiting terms is the power  of  the people and our vote is our trump in the card game. It is time the Americans (all of us) stopped playing the game the politicians have put before us and change the rules in our favor , much as they have done for years. Term limits- “OUR POWER!”.

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Remember when “Blue Collar” meant people who worked in jobs or professions that involved the various trades and factory positions? Most of these workers wore blue shirts of some sort. I observed that many national chain stores require as a dress code Blue tops (shirts of some sort) and either Black or Khaki pants with black or blue shoes. This combination will sometime vary according to the company and or industry. My thought on this was: Blue Collar-has it returned or did it never leave? IBM was one of the most well known companies to have Blue shirts as a standard and TV personalities wear blue shirts since white appears off-color (imagine that) on-screen. This may not be the same now with the higher quality broadcast equipment. Now This:

“Wal-Mart is introducing a new dress code for its employees, but they’re not calling it a uniform. And that’s got some Wal-Mart employees riled up.

The retailer says customers are having a hard time figuring out who works at the store, so it’s put in place a dress code. Employees have to wear black or khaki pants and a blue or white collared shirt.

Judith Conti of the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit that advocates for low-wage workers, says employees are upset about this because they have to pay for the clothes.

“Wal-Mart employees are among the lowest paid in the entire country,” Conti says. “And Wal-Mart is asking them to buy new clothes to wear at work.”

Wal-Mart didn’t respond to an interview request, but it has said that most of the feedback about the dress code has been positive.

Reuel Schiller, a professor at UC Hastings Law School, said it’s significant that Wal-Mart isn’t calling this a uniform.

“There’s a legal difference between a uniform and a dress code,” says Schiller. If the cost of the uniform will actually pull your wages below minimum wage for the week that you bought it, then under federal law that’s illegal.

Schiller said Wal-Mart skirts the issue — and passes on costs — by going with a dress code.”

Many companies have dress codes and some of these codes have more to do with a professional look rather than an identification of employees. In a very large store (super store if you will) it is hard to identify employees from shoppers but having to pay for uniforms in a low wage situation is ludicrous. The tax laws of the U.S. allow for tax relief if you itemize and have to buy your work garb. Years ago there was case where Liberace was taken to task by the Government because his costumes were deducted as “work wear”. That case excerpted below : In the sixties, the performer Liberace convinced a court that buying rhinestone-studded suits for his act was a legitimate tax deduction. Even if you don’t spend thousands of dollars on your stage outfits, even small career-related deductions can lower your tax bill. Many people do not know what they can deduct items like clothing, union dues and other expenses to reduce their tax bills. One valuable source is the IRS itself, even if you hate them or fear them , they are the best source of information on tax issues. Good and easily understood answers depends on who you talk at the IRS as some are better at explaining in plain language than others. Just a little aside: If you have a tax issue that “suddenly pops up” That pop up may have occurred several years before but the IRS will and has held that back to allow the penalties and interest to build the amount up. The
blue Collar” worker has expanded beyond the factory as many  suit and Tie folks also wear blue Oxford shirts on a daily basis.

Blue collar only means you work for a living somehow! For instance these posts require capital see button below, Thank you.

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