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Congress has moved the fastest against the Presidents Immigration effort than they have on any other measures including their normal work. It is apparent that our non functioning Congress will not improve under the Dupublicans. We as voters need to understand that “we” are the term limits for elected officials and we need to use that to limit the amount of time a Congressman or woman can serve. It should not take more than 2 terms for work to be done. The election cycle is offset to insure the opportunity  for “other” candidates to campaign for office. We have become so complacent that we have allowed ourselves to be “conned” by the long term office holders. Mitch McConnell has had one aspiration and that is to be the top guy in the Senate, he has flip flopped all his career to get where he needed to be and therefore has no loyalty to anyone but himself. If it served his agenda, he would gladly throw Mr. Boehner under the bus as would I suspect Mr. Boehner would do to him. The current rulers of the Congress are not friends but rivals for power and media attention while doing nothing for the country as a whole let alone their “constituency”. They both are fond of quoting what “the  American people ” want while doing what they will for themselves and their own. The current political makeup of Congress is one of the most dangerous and possibly inept groups in history. We the voters need to be very afraid and wary of what they do and say. No one is exempt from the havoc they may bring down on us over the next several years and beyond. The Dupublicans  have some serious issues within their party with the younger members being a bit more radical and vocal. This will all play out over the next few election cycles and we as voters need to remember “anyone who spend millions to gain a position that pays so little in comparison should be suspect”.

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