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Again my dear friend Martin makes a clear point:

Remember when buying votes was illegal?

Abel Oldsworth, my reticent friend, said he was “rendered cockeyed,” by the multi billionaire Koch brothers’ plan to spend nearly 1 billion dollars to elect their candidates in the 2016 federal and state elections.  Contributors’ do not even have to show voter IDs to participate.

He recalled Chicago and Texas in the 50s and 60s that achieved similar results at a snippet of the cost.  The poll workers miscounted ballots and misread voting machines.  They filled ballot boxes and stumbled with poor math.  Repeat voters—the early and often ones—resurrected the deceased.  Voting vagrants got swigs of whisky or free lunches.  Of course, it was all illegal, and eventually, watchdogs cleaned up the process.

Using a new ploy, the powerfully wealthy want to leverage election outcomes through massive PAC campaign funding. They essentially buy candidates.  These elected ones must accept their dictates first, not the mandates of Republicans and Democrats.  It’s a legal arrangement, controlled and expensive.  The donors are well-concealed.


A hundred million should be sufficient

To make our candidates loyal and proficient

But our strategy could be impaired

If the donor lists get aired

Likely stirring up voter backlash and devilment.


Martin Egelston

Battle Creek Enquirer

February 8, 2015

Too many of us decry the big money contributions to the political process and say and do nothing about it. While it does take numbers to make a movement, lately not enough of us care (enough) to break out of our comfort zones as far as political, racial and social standing  loyalties to understand that these buyers of the government favor are a detriment to the our process of free elections (an oxymoron these days). As AMERICANS, we have set the standard for freedom which is why so many people want to come here by hook or crook. It is time we took a real stand against the buyers of elections. Forget your innate and overt biases and the power of the vote to get this country out of the grips of Government controlled by money.

Please Donate

Please Donate


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