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The new majority Congress is again acting “on behalf of the American people” with out our consent. This Congress with the backing of big money and the help of closeted bigots is aiding our enemies indirectly with the withholding of funding for the agency  (Homeland Security) that provides protection for us all. There are members who have stated that the funding should not be held up but the top dogs or curs of the Congress are at a loss to control their members and are hoping to keep an edge for the upcoming 2016 elections. These masters of ineptitude are showing us now how bad they really are since they do not have the Scamocrats to blame. How is it doing the work of “The American People” when they put us at risk to satisfy the few?  If ” The American People ” was really their concern, they would have acted appropriately on the ACA (Obama care) and the emigration bill . All that was required was for them to do the job they were elected to by the “real American People” not the fictional ones they are so fond of quoting. This is not about Race, ethnicity or anything else, it just about inept politicians whom we trusted and have now betrayed that trust. Our job (the real American People) is simple, we vote them out and trust nothing that passes from their lips!

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Please Donate

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