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 The now majority party in Congress has set us on a path of grinding poverty for the poorest of Americans and almost sure denigration of the upper to middle class. The 1 week funding of DHS (National security) is another step in their commitment to their masters (not the American People whom they are so fond of citing). These Dupublicans now have the ability to do something right but have began to follow the path of ineptitude and dragging the country along with them. I am sure that their actions do not represent the will and needs of the “American People”. I have listened to and read many editorials and opinions by many people from ordinary folks to political pundits and very few of us fully grasp the impact this Congress will have for years to come. I suggest that if all or any of us ignore  what is said and look at the actions, we will quickly understand that we are the government and we have allowed these politicians to pull the political wool over our eyes. The two party system is useless and it is time we as voters abandoned it and find our own voices with non party or apart candidates yet  be  prepared to remove them when necessary. Voting as independent as possible which then becomes “term limits”!

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Please Donate

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