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Is it about time we looked at this situations seriously? Some police groups are concerned about their supposed lack of support by their municipalities however have they really looked at what the effect of their actions are? did you make mistakes? Were mistakes made by the now victims? If we were to put aside our learned biases and perceived knowledge, what would be the outcome? I know from personal experience that it s easy to fall into the rut of common knowledge about many things and people. Where we all need to be is on the same or even similar  planes of thought and realities. Many or most of us have met and worked with people who are different in many ways but we consider them friends and colleagues. We probably do not consider  their religious, personal or other leanings and proclivities to be an advantage or deterrent to our relationship with them but we will look at people we do not know and judge them out of hand. This is called bias, prejudice or bigotry. It is unfortunate that too many of us  never look at how we interact with all other people and make an attempt to do better if we need to. The real issue is our “leaders” in the political arena have for the past 10 to 15 years used bigotry as wedge and  coercive agent to gain elective advantages. It is unfortunate that some of us haven’t realized that your fellow Americans are not the problem-the problem is with the people we have elected. Their focus is and always has been remaining in office and maintaining the power with that office. Our collective objective as voters needs to be holding the elected officials accountable and not be persuaded by  half truths, racial or ethnic  slurs that many of us have heard time after time. America is a multiracial, multi-ethnic  and  ultimately humane country that is (in spite of what is in the media) aspired to by other countries. To continue being who we are, our changes need to be in our government.

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