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It is really strange that the Israeli prime minister and our Congress are on the same side of the Iran issue. Both of them appear to have their heads in the Race barrel and are doing everything wrong to prevent the people of Iran (the ordinary people) from living a better life with sanctions lifted. We (America) early on created some of this with the ouster of an Anti American regime  and installing a repressive Shah who we then sheltered when the Ayatollahs took power. These people are as bad as the previous regimes including the Shah since they have repressed free speech, women’s rights and other freedoms we enjoy. The Israeli’s would understand this since the Holocaust  and the fight for a State of their own. It appears that the statement “lest we forget” means nothing these days. I would like to see politicians in office who are “Statesmen” instead of office holders attempting to remain in office. It would certainly be a breath of fresh air if our representatives actually represented us and did more than opposing the President on everything and using the media as their ally.

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Please Donate

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