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It is possible that the sitting representatives are merely elected officials who are always looking forward to the next election rather than doing the job they were elected to do right now. It appears that the Dupublican party overall in many states have taken it to the poor just as their big money handlers wanted. The laws introduced to save money and make  government more efficient. The problem is that the beneficiaries are people who have no monetary problems, no health problems and no other way to survive without the subsidies from the States and the Federal Government. The real issue is: since too many Americans of voting age have no idea of the way Congress works and the true nature of politics. Modern politics are not about serving the people, it is about serving their monetary backers ( sometimes their future employers) and themselves. It is unfortunate  that too many of us  are unable to see “the forest for the trees”.  The most frightening thing is  so many cannot get beyond their personal biases to realize that the folks who inform us are entertaining and not informing. The so called “news” is no more than forums for the  ideas that sound correct but cannot stand “light of day” scrutiny. I can soap box on this forever and only the few real readers will get it. Sorry there aren’t more  folks who do.

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