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After years of avoiding it, I have had to upgrade to a “smart phone”. My wife and I both took the “plunge”. We both have the same phone so we can learn together. Being a “hands on” and adventurous, I did what the “instructions” required and activated the new phones however that was just the beginning of the issues. The instructions were meant for smart phone users who have had one for a while not for “newbies” like us. We ended up going to the local phone company store to have the contacts transferred and have the phones working as they should. My wife’s worked OK (still learning) but my phone was caught in the vortex of almost done. So now I am near the end of an hour-long online session with a technician who is activating (enabling) my phone. At the end of this I hope to be up-to-date texting and calling with the “best” of them?

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Please Donate

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