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Daily Archives: June 28th, 2015

America, the polarized!

In these days of nonwhites being attacked and killed by authorities for just living, these acts are being condoned and applauded by some segments of the public. It is a poor showing in America, the land of opportunity, that too many of us cannot get beyond the antebellum mentality.

The worst thing about all of this is that we are led by people elected to do what is correct, but for whom? Our legislators, who harm all of us with their poor to nonexistent judgments and actions, are the primary perpetrators of these issues in their treatment of the president of the United States. Their activities — or inactivity — against the president are against the rest of us, even if you laud their activities.

The homogeneous nature of America is not represented by our current Congress or our high court, yet we allow them to serve with impunity. Voters have allowed the truth to be trodden and misrepresented by news outlets and pundits sole purpose is to sell news and whatever products that are advertised on their programs.

Apparently, there is no limit to the extent the powers will go to deceive us. The vote is the most powerful weapon citizens have, and we need to remember that when we go to the polls. Truth will always prevail even if the lies are prettier.

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In the past 10 years it has become evident that America is not as progressive as Europe in spite of our industrial development. Britain has “socialized Medicine” where everyone has healthcare, the British Parliament discusses and resolves issues relating to the proper administering of the country’s needs rather than who marries who, who can live where or even what flag flies where. This Congress and the associated media has spent valuable time on innuendo, misconception and out right lies in some case to get their way with the voters. Shame on us voters for believing them. When a political “leader(?)” has to resort to subterfuge and disingenuous statements to keep or gain an office, then we need to provide a quick exit for them. Why does it take millions of dollars to gain election to a position that pays a lot less than the money spent to get it? There is an inherent flaw in the messages offered as truth and honesty to get to a high government (Local, State or federal) office. It is a failing on behalf of the voters to ascribe to the opinions of a heavily biased media who employ spokespersons who have a smattering of understanding about what real journalism is. These spokespersons are no more than sensationalists masquerading as experts. These people are as radical as any terrorist but using words as weapons. Their under and uninformed comments serve to inflame rather inform. WE as voters need to look behind the curtain of misinformation and  strip them of an audience for the illusory presentations  they assail us with on a daily basis. These are the times when the world bullies are on the move and using the same tactics  to spread THEIR propaganda. We  do not have a failure to communicate but more a failure to inform.

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