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Scotus has dealt a blow for justice and human dignity for all Americans except the ones who deem their recent actions as blasphemous and against God’s will. If God had willed that all creatures were equal then why are there so many so called Religious organizations and “leaders” against the marriages of same sex couples? It must be remembered that the Bible was written by men who interpreted the word of God as they saw it but often the real facts have been altered , lost in translation and altered to suit the needs of the interpreter or user. The Native Peoples of the world have always had the right idea as far as religion in that their beliefs are Spiritual not religious. Their tie is to the natural world around them and not to edifices that require tithes and upkeep as “civilized man” maintains. The civility goes only as far as the proposer will allow since it relates to their own needs and wants. These needs and wants are often contrary to the true nature of what being spiritual is. As we have progressed in technology, we have regressed in the spirituality of  being. Simply put all living creatures have a right to “be” and we have allowed that right to be controlled by so called “leaders” who we tend to admire out of hand.

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