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As a  free country, we will never be completely free until we control our Congress. Our current representatives have fallen under the influence of huge money and now they are owned by them. We have elected them over and over based on what they say, not what they do. How can you trust someone if they enact laws that hide their salaries and spending. Of course we can find these things out but how many of us can or will spend the time to search out this information? Our primary problem here is that we have no statesmen (or women), what we have are people who apparently lie for a living and take money from any source to keep a lucrative position long enough to make contacts that enhance their present and future lives. Their annual salaries as public servants would keep 5 families living above the poverty level each year. With these  statements in mind, who will you vote for the next time around and will you pay attention to what’s said or will you enjoy the Political equivalent of “Jerry Springer”? We will never be free until we address or at least acknowledge that we have been duped for years by the political theater of our political elections. It is unfortunate that the wide access to news and information via a multitude of  personal electronic devices is used to play games, text friends and not research the people we vote for.

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Please Donate

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