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The Middle East for several thousands of years has been a war zone in one area or another and by the same people (in ethnicity and religious beliefs). The names of the countries and the groups of people have changed over the years but the issues have remained the same. The intervention of Europeans and Westerners  did no more than exacerbate the issues primarily because we did not understand them. Even today we do not have a handle on the real issues yet we are still involved in their business (often without being invited). I am not against assistance but to what end? I believe that our messy intervention has more to do with the companies and or individuals who have the most to gain in these countries by supplying arms and other material support at the behest or at least with a wink of the government eye. This is not to say that as a country we condone these activities but possibly through some lobbying interests the activities occur.  Lobbyists usually approach folks who can help their causes, these folks could be in the administration, Congress or even Congressional staffers. These contacts for the sense of power, a promise of  work after an election or term of office and of money which for the payee can be substantial will, can and have committed breaches of  security. We as voters can complain for or against assistance but we do not fully understand ALL of the issues and may never get the true story until we access several sources to get a full picture. First and foremost we must not rely on the information issued by people running for office, this adherence to their message is as flawed as petting a snake and assume you will not be bitten. We as a country have allowed  our political groups to advertise us into voting for and approving their actions. It is these actions that have caused us more problems than we need or deserve but “WE Did IT!”

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