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With a little bit of thought we could have better representation in Congress. Listening to the Presidential aspirants, the messages are essentially the same. They all want to repeal something, kill something or change something without offering any details as to how and what effect if any their actions will have. All of this in our names and without our consent tacit or written. What we have is a group of people who are looking for votes by creating headlines that get our attention but usually have no true viable substance. Unfortunately these messages appeal to some of us but could affect all of us if we are not prudent in thinking and voting. Keep in mind we already have a dysfunctional Congress and the candidates from one Major party are also following suit. The voting public as I see it should be living in this century and not the last, the time of mudslinging and innuendo is over yet too many of us still want that old-time method of politicking as a way of selecting a candidate. The real way to select is to increase your knowledge of the candidates beyond the “entertainment value” by looking and listening to their message  then ask your self does this make sense? Some candidates have stated that they would defund or dismantle “Obama care” ( Affordable Care Act) but offering no alternative and not considering how many Americans would be left without any medical care. Then there are the ones who want to dismantle the recent Iran agreement (which was created with several other countries including  Russia and China). The worst  part is  they have not read the agreement! If you are looking to be entertained then perhaps you should look and listen to the jokes and gags being bandied around as political truth(?). It is well to note that politics and truth are like oil and water they do not mix (even with the addition of detergent). We should be listening for what we need to hear rather than what want to hear (which is what is being espoused by the candidates) and if what we need is not being presented then consider giving your vote to someone else even if it is across party lines. Unfortunately we have the misfortune  (or good fortune) to have witnessed the real Congress when President Obama was elected, these folks (some of them) showed their true “colors” but have done nothing related to the reasons we elected them in the first place. It notable that their messages to us have been essentially the same each time they are up for election but sprinkled with seeds of malcontent to keep the populace divided. When the people are united the politicians lose!

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