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I am trying to figure out what the many candidates vying for the Privilege (?) of running for President are actually doing or talking about. Apparently this every four-year ritual has become no more than a political slam than an opportunity to show off ones abilities and capabilities.  Each aspirant is at once making their case and trashing the other runners. Then we have the added input and spin by the media according to their core and owners beliefs. Somewhere in the mix is the truth but it usually forever lost in the entertainment of these races. Now we have the federal government investigating the past Clintons e-mails! You would think that this issue would have been addressed after she stopped being Secretary of State but as many Federal government actions too little too late or too much too soon with corrections coming later. One example is the Department of veterans affairs “fix” for the Medical facilities problems, first attempt was a cookie cutter approach which exacerbated the situation and messed up the areas which had no problems, now there is a fix for the fix going into effect in November this year. Recently China had an economic  hiccup and the world staggered for a moment. Some the Dupublican  candidates are blaming President Obama  for the China economic problems, asserting failed economic policies. Remember these are the  folks whose handlers have bought and paid for them along with the manipulative actions which caused the High court to OK the unlimited and hidden sources of funding for these candidates. Our system was not perfect before but now it is broken almost to the point of no return. Our  only choice as voters is to elect people who are really in the game for us and not the ultra conservative money lenders whose sole purpose is to keep the lower and middle classes “in their place”!

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