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My Caconyms:

Political parties:” Dupublicans and Scamocrats”
Media Outlet: “Faux News”
Governing Method: “Politricking”

Surveying the political scene and the assorted aspirants brings to mind the thought of what’s next for us? We have strayed far from what the Framers of the constitution had in mind. Many cite the Constitution (especially the politicians) but only for their own benefit. We the people (we do know who we are) have for a long time forgotten to trust ourselves. Our elected officials have let us down for many years and we have just begun to get that message. We should now turn off Jerry Springer, Maury, the Judges and especially the “Faux News”! It is unfortunate that w e have become addicted to entertainment news and have forgotten how to pay attention to the people we elect and the ones who want to be elected. The campaigners have staffers whose sole purpose is to influence our vote by using specific points to sway us (much like the advertisers who want us to buy their products). Almost all of the old sayings and adages apply here: “all that glitters is not gold”, “if its looks too good to be true, then it probably isn’t”, I think you get the point. This is why we all need to beware of what our political leaders and candidates aspiring to leadership are up to.

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