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At some point hopefully in the near future we will observe the phenomena of responsible people running for office. At this time we have 17 +   candidates attempting to get the nod  for a run at being President of the U.S.  We are in the doldrums of politics, we have candidates running for office who spend millions to win while trashing the other folks, government and hiding their own flaws. It is easy to pot shot the status quo but the status quo will never change until these runners own up to their own frailties. The lowest income, minorities and underprivileged are the targets of these people but to listen to them they are friends of the people. It has been proven that a well informed person can make informed decisions but these bozo’s have spent millions on spin doctors who control the media for the benefit of their bosses. Politics has never been a clean business but in recent years it has become an absolute mud hole of innuendo and misrepresentation. The onus is on the voters to  remain above the dirt and understand who they are really putting in office. Someday  we may have people of integrity vying for office, someone we can really trust (as far as politicians can be trusted) . Someday we may be able to see through the smoke and mirrors, ignore the rhetoric that is considered truth but is only thinly veiled lies that serve only the speakers of the lie and their handlers. Someday we may have the solidarity we had in 1941 and lost in the 50’s, recovered somewhat in the late 60’s but started to back pedal in the late 70’s and on until now. Someday the radicals on both sides will be swept out by the real Americans who understand that we either stand together or fall separately. Someday.

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