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Daily Archives: September 10th, 2015

Post from the Daily Kos:

Daily Kos

Sep 07, 2015 at 12:22 PM PDT.

Obama Punk-Slaps the Entire GOP Field!

joel gp


Folks, I thought First-Term-Obama was special–but this Second-Term-Prez is truly special. Today, at a labor day speech in Boston, he punched republicans in their political faces eight times:…


1. They are trying to “re-brand themselves as the party of the middle class” while opposing efforts to raise the minimum wage and bragging about busting unions.

2. “You can’t say you care about working people and then do things that hurt working people.” Obama said in a Labor Day speech to the Greater Boston Labor Council.

3. Obama signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to offer employees up to seven paid sick days a year.

4. He said: “I say to Congress: find a way to make paid family and medical leave a reality for all Americans,” the president said. “It will be good for business, not bad for business.”

5. “Republicans know that with a quality education, a good job and the freedom to make their own economic choices, there is nothing an American can’t accomplish.”

6. Without naming names he said: “one Republican was “bragging about how he busted unions in his state.” The president was clearly referring to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who became nationally known for restricting the collective bargaining power of state employee unions as part of his efforts to cut the state budget.”

7. He also slammed Christie for saying: “a union deserves a punch in the face.” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said last month that the American Federation of Teachers deserved a punch in the face for endorsing Clinton.”

8. “Quoting Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy, Obama said, “What is it about working men and women that they find so offensive?”

This is who we are!

This is what we stand for!

The only way we can win is to be aggressive. We can’t “policy-wonkify” our way through this process, we have to speak with one singular voice as Obama did and punch them in their political faces.

Tell them to their faces to quit lying about supporting the middle-class and back it up with facts. I’ve learned all of their code words now:

1. “small businesses” really mean large corporation
2. “simpler tax” means more tax cuts for the wealthy
3. “secure medicare” means destroy it
4. “repair and replace Obama care” means destroy it
5. “secure the borders first” means treat Hispanics as second-classed citizens
6. “all lives matter” means we need to shut-up and take our murders like men
7. “horrified by planned parenthood” means I really need evangelicals in my camp
8. “take America back” means get them AAs out of our White House!
9. “the economy is in turmoil” means Obama saved America from a great depression
10.” I won’t lead from behind” means I’m starting wars with Iran, Syria and maybe Russia too.

That my friends is their story and we need to make them choke on their own words.

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