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Daily Archives: October 4th, 2015

Another reason to grab headlines by the almost neer do well clerk in Kentucky . Kim Davis was among a group of people who collectively met with the pontiff as a simple meeting but her backers deemed it a private meeting with the Pope. There was no one on one meeting with the Pope and none of the events surrounding her were brought up.  This coopting of  an otherwise  benign event by her Attorney and Davis is an indication that her religious beliefs do not rule out  falsehoods to further her agenda and that of her backers. It appears that  Davis , her lawyers and backers do not understand “separation of church and State”. Her sole job is to issue licenses according to the law and her personal opinions or beliefs are not (or should not be) involved. What if she were attacked for being divorced and married several times , would that be a reason for her to be dismissed from her job?, or perhaps kicked out of her chosen religious sect? To further add non facts to the fire Senator Huckabee ( a candidate contender and staunch defender / supporter of Mrs. Davis) appeared on the :Morning Joe” to defend his stand according his understood or perceived biblical facts. Apparently as in several outlier religions the true Biblical wording is interpreted to fit the mindset of the Sect’s leaders.  In America the assortment of Religions are not singled out due to their belief’s no matter how radical, at the same time their influence has no place in politics or the pursuit of an elected office. It is unfortunate that some pundits and other vocal presenters chose to align with misinformed and  sometimes over zealous people for the recognition that association brings. Do we want an elected official in any  office to dictate how we worship? Enter Kim Davis, her official duties have no other purpose than to issue licenses and not foist her religious beliefs on the people she was elected to serve.
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