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The U.S. Constitution consists of 5   pages including the Bill of Rights yet it seems that not many of us have read it completely. We have Constitutional scholars who study the documents extensively but cannot seem to agree about the real meaning. The framers (our founders ) never intended the document to be cut and dried.  This is considered a living document so as such it evolves without changing or being physically changed. The document can be debated  but in the end the reason for the debate will triumph when the rule of law is in evidence. Our Congressional (mis) representatives have quoted this document and some have studied it extensively but have forgotten what it really means when it no longer fits their needs. I would suggest that each of us acquire a copy of the constitution and read it. On its face is pretty plain and states more eloquently what this country is about. If you look into the many challenges and trials regarding the Constitution, you will find that the list is long and almost unending but the Document still stands on its own. You do not have to be a Constitutional scholar to understand the basic premise of the document. We should no longer allow our (mis) representatives dictate the Constitution to us according to their interpretation , this is as ludicrous as the various religious factions interpreting the Bible according to their needs.

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