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If we could agree that our political process is broken perhaps we could agree that we have been under served for the past 10 – 20 years by our elected representatives. Looking at the debacles also called debates, it should give us a reason to think about who we really need to have running the country. No one person is going to be perfect however the onus of not being re-elected is a powerful incentive to try to get it right. If we could allow the evils of racism, religious intolerance and personal bias to race off into the sunset , we find that we are all facing the same issues on one level or another. Our common  problem  appears to be the people we elect to represent us. Each of us has an opinion on what we believe ( TRUE OR NOT) and that belief is changeable when all facts are known, but we must stay out of the tar pits of political rhetoric that is constantly in our ears and faces. Do you find it odd that so many are willing to lie to get elected and continue the lies once elected? The lies are no more than fairy tales with a supposed happy ending which is so far away that we forgot it was coming and accept what ever the ending is with relish. If we could, would we make the same election choices again? I hope not, yet we allow the political ads to sway us on voting much like the ads for the products we buy. The real story is the one we don’t want to hear because we have been advertised into believing what is wrong is right and vice versa. Why else would we be told to talk to our Doctors about medications when he should already know what we take and if this new medication is correct for us? This is advertising and it is the same as a political campaign. Would we really want to elect someone based on advertising?

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