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We currently have political candidates for the Presidency uttering extreme and radical comments that often have no context in reality. These jump on, jump off the bandwagon of their parties candidates should be looked at very carefully. Their lies and basic suspect information has cause great harm to innocent people. In Texas the state legislature has created laws restricting Planned Parenthood from operating based on misinformation from the religious zealots who have rewritten the bible to suit their own beliefs (sounds like the Islamic State). Now in Colorado a (crazed gunman) shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic while muttering about baby parts being sold (this is possibly from speeches from Carly Liarina) . This man is a legal

firearms owner(?) who has a history of strangeness when he lived in Carolina yet he still had legally owned firearms which enabled him to shoot people in a clinic, killing a law enforcement officer and other  patients while wounding other citizens and law enforcement officers. More gun laws will not do the job but more investigation into buyers (and sometimes owners) might. So here we are with our own home-grown extremists creating horrific situations in America and our aspiring candidates carrying the torch for them. If we as a country want to stop these types of events we need to elect people who “get it”. No one is perfect but an elected official needs to be more like a judge and that is to evaluate ALL of the information (evidence) and make a decision based on that information however unlike judges these are politicians whose focus is get elected and probably create more chaos while doing nothing of benefit to any of us.

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