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The U.S. Congress is again on the move to do what’s best for them. The Combined Dupublican and Scamocrat cabal is quietly attempting to change the political funding for candidates. It is bad enough that the supreme court has condoned  super PAC’s being able to raise unlimited fund for candidates or causes now our Congress is attempting to create their own laws for unlimited funding along with preparing to defund the ACA, planned parenthood and create a war machine to put troops on the ground in Syria all of this to our ( the People) detriment. We as voters need to wake up and understand that these elected officials are no more than terrorists in their own right, they have assumed the mantle of protector of the people while quietly feathering their own nests. The quieter they get , the more we need to worry. If we are to survive and prosper , we need to ignore the blatant lies put out by the electorate and replace them with anyone new. We have less than a handful of Congressional members who could possibly be working for us and even then-who knows for sure?


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