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Daily Archives: December 31st, 2015

Does it hurt when you fall? Does it hurt when you lose some one close to illness and or aging? Why then is it not painful to vote for a long serving member of Congress who has done no more for you than cause anxiety and stress for the sake of staying office to do the bidding of big money donors while espousing the ” what the American people want” line? The very idea that these low functioning legislators who purport to have “our best interests” at heart have brought the government to a standstill because they didn’t and don’t like the President is painful! They have convinced too many of us that he is wrong but not enough of us realize where the wrong really is. Had the erstwhile congressional members spent ant time reading the ACA perhaps the rollout would have been better, the plans would have been easier to access for all but instead it was cries of “death camps” for seniors and bankruptcy for insurance companies (big money). Now several aspirants to be President are stating that they will repeal the ACA in its entirety and leave all current enrollees with nothing until they design a replacement.  If you can still fully support your Congressperson  (no matter what party) and feel good about it then maybe you have not felt the pain!


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