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A recent poll shows that  “a majority ” of Americans want American boots on the ground to fight ISIS. Personally I believe this to be a knee jerk reaction. First remember that wars are expensive and the money has to come at the expense of other stuff. Given the inability of the Congress to construct a budget where will the money come from? Currently the UN Security council has called for members to join the fight against ISIS this action will relieve the financial burden from the United States while affording quicker responses to the threat by local member countries. Keep in mind that ISIS members  are no more than criminals who have subverted a religion to gain recruits and unfortunately have used online methods to spread their message of hate around the globe. We can complain about what needs to be done, what is not done  or even who should do it but the fact remains that we cannot enter into another protracted ground war without the UN security council members. This is not December 7, 1941. The current Dupublicans can scream and shout about what should be done as long and as loud as they want but in the end we the people suffer for it. We lose resources such as irreplaceable human capital and hardware of all sorts. We (voters) need to keep in mind the knee jerk reactions are what put us in IRAQ, Afghanistan and Vietnam and we know how those incursions turned out.

Please Donate

Please Donate

note This was from a Newsweek Poll

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