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Beware of “Dave”! There are folks calling and telling people that they are “windows Technicians”, windows and Microsoft (along with other companies do not call people about computer problems, they will typically send a mailed notice or announce over the airwaves, post a statement in the news media. If you get a call from someone with a foreign accent and an American name purporting to be from Windows, just hang up. You should just be aware of any unsolicited calls of this kind, especially if you do not recognize the number or if it’s unknown. Rule to follow just don’t answer or hang up immediately. I use a funny but pointed message which usually ends the call quickly. After ” Dave” several days later I receive another call from a caller with a distinct Asian (Indian) accent trying to sell me a new Dell computer. The message stated as ambiguous as possible that I could trade my old unit in for a new one with 1 terabyte of RAM and a 1 terabyte hard drive all for only $250.00 down, when I asked for clarification, there was no trade in so I did the usual and hung up. The phone rang again from the same phone number and I let it go to the answering machine, there was no message left. I fully expect this call will come again at some point. For you few readers listen carefully – if you dare to answer your phone from unrecognized phone numbers or names. I attempted to contact Dell to make them aware of this scam but could not find a link within their system to pass it on (they were too busy trying to sell something, not that there’s anything wrong with that).

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