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Either way the State of Illinois is preparing for some serious stoppage. The Gubernor apparently has no qualms in definitively crushing Unions by reducing services to the entire State population including the most vulnerable. I think there is fault on both sides but the refusal to negotiate at all on the Governors side except on his terms is not leading us in a good direction. The anger and vitriolic speeches, sound bites and buzzwords are not the same as honest negotiations. If the voters are smart , election time will tell the story. In politics the campaign speeches and declarations are no more than ways to get votes. When elected the reality kicks in and those high sounding words become an Albatross. Right now the Albatross(s) weigh heavy on the states residents and not the elected seat fillers. I do not imagine any of our elected officials or their immediate families and associates are suffering any inconvenience in this situation. Point being we need to be careful who we vote for in the future as we have been persuaded  more by “correct sounding” words than facts. Fact is that anyone who spends  obscene amounts of cash to win an office  that pays so little is not a great choice for our welfare. Where did the idea of spending millions of dollars to get a thousand dollar job start?

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