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Governor Rauner has allowed the budget impasse to continue to the detriment of the State schools, employees and everyone else. There is enough blame to go around so what now? His address of a few days ago did not address any solutions but there were a couple of initiatives to consolidate some State agencies, updating the cyber systems but nothing on the budget.  Mr. Rauner is a financially savvy guy but running a State like a business is not the same as just running a State or a business. The upgrades he wants to put in place are needed but a State minded leader (politician or Statesman) is needed to run a State. When a leader (President, Governor, etc.) gains an office, the normal process is to meet with the legislature and try to get a sense of who the players are and how one can work with them. This has nothing to do with political parties as the people are first and should be considered first. We have not had that and the end result so far is more debt and more pain. Snatch the Band-Aid off and get on with it! Make a budget and get the state moving again. Nothing is perfect in any plan but if you do nothing , you gain nothing.

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Please Donate

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