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With the Caucuses in Iowa over, attention turns to New Hampshire for the next major phase of the Presidential charge. The front-runners have made some progress and feel that they are unbeatable and that is the message they (the still runners) want to convey. Looking at the facts that still exist, these aspirants are still the same people who previously made misstatements, errors in judgment and other issues experienced by us all. Remembering that no matter what these folks are human beings and no better than the least of us. The difference in them and the rest of us is that they are in public eye. With all of that being said I will point out the latest dropout on the Republican side. Rand Paul is a Libertarian conservative  but looking at what a Libertarian really  is eludes most of us. The party definition briefly is:  The Libertarian Party (LP) is a libertarian political party in the United States that promotes civil liberties, free markets, non-interventionism, and laissez-faire.” This definition taken at its face value does not take in the nuances of the party any more than the definition the Major political parties ascribe to them selves. What America is can be almost indescribable as  multifaceted and nuanced in nature as the countries that produced our ancestors. This is why a definition of any political party is so hard. The basic premise of anyone of them while appealing is not the true meaning. That meaning changes with each candidate and never ever reflects the whole of the party or its followers. I have taken the position of being independent with leanings in Libertarian, Green, Republican (not Dupublican) and Democrat (not Scamocrats). This open-mindedness has allowed me to I believe realistically look at the established parties (minor and major) and their assorted subsets and know that belonging to any one of them is a problem. I have had to read industriously about each one and then decide who as a representative of their party will hopefully do the best job and with luck be their own person if elected. I know this is a lot of work but would you not exert the same due diligence in buying a car or a house. Our political races are not much more than “dog and pony shows” and a fleeting distraction and we deserve better yet we will never receive better until we demand it by voting with our brain instead of our heart. There are no perfect solutions except in movies and this cinema we call life is real.

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