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Daily Archives: March 9th, 2016

Beginning with the election season 2016, we have seen and heard some of the most outrageous statements from the candidates. These range from semi truths to fantasies. In some cases what’s said is outright racist and evil. What is it about the elections that causes people (the candidates and the public) to state and believe what ever is said. I have been poring over the election statements for weeks as I started this post months ago. I have a few conclusions that may or may not be of any consequence to anyone. We are all angry with our government but many for the wrong reasons. Begin with the 535 seat fillers who we have installed in office and kept there out of ineptness, laziness or perhaps fear (of change). Prime example” the leader of the Senate has been essentially a liar, fence jumper and altogether of no real value to his constituents or anyone else. His sole purpose has been to be the Leader of the Senate ( I believe he is totally unqualified to lead a horse to water). His ascension has been because of the lies and misinformative manner of campaigning. His Constituency may be more rural and dependent on the fossil fuel industry but he has treated them like idiots in statements like “Obama is killing the coal industry”, the coal industry has been dying for years due to major user transitioning to cleaner gas. It is also worth looking at the number of miners who are leaving the industry due to attrition and their children going elsewhere. We should note that the mine owners lack of upgrades for safety and having to pay huge fines which are drawn from the miners by way of layoffs and closures. Mr. “Mac” has not addressed these issues in the same way as he has addressed deterring  or stopping any of the Presidents agenda even if it is good for the  country and by extension his constituents. Getting back to the issues: we as voters have all of the government control we need and that control can only be taken away from us by death or incarceration. That control is the vote!. We need to begin that control by voting ineffective leaders out, there is no need to ask for term limits because to have such a law enacted by the same folks we are outraged with is ludicrous and ineffectual. Term limits should always and only be enacted by votes. In order for this to happen each of us needs to ignore 90% of the political rhetoric and pay attention to facts by listening and reading with an eye for the truth. We must remember that these campaigners deal in 1/2 truths and lies on a regular basis, we voters have often not voted for the most truthful person for the wrong reasons. Truth is not a single incident of voting for or against a bill or law in camera but how that person voted overall. If we really want retake our rights over government the path to that is voting poor legislators out and keep in keep in mind that we will make mistakes but we can correct those mistakes in the next election. The current election is so vile that we can only become angry and rally behind the angriest campaigner and that could be a costly mistake in the long run. You must understand that this anger without a merited basis becomes a fallacy in your electoral selection and will haunt you until the next election. Do your homework on your candidates and remember they are people and subject to the same mistakes, the words spoken on the stump are not necessarily factual and many times are written much like the ads on TV, geared to make activate you the way they want.


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