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I am officially requesting a refund of Congressional salaries for the past ten (10) years. These salaries were paid out in error since no legislative work required to run the country has been done. This refund will be used to finance the infrastructure repairs and elect people who will do the work that the current seat fillers have failed to do. We as voters have voters have passively allowed the 535 members of Congress to tell what they want us to hear based on “their” research and that of “their affiliated researchers”. They have for many years played the cards that serve to incite and agitate the public to keep themselves in office. Much of what they say is misinformation and lies that seem plausible but are in fact made up Victorian type rhetoric. These are some of the same people who seek opportunities to subvert facts and information much like the internet trolls who steal identities and publicly shame others. The latest issue is the LBGT community who have been among us for years yet are being essentially Trolled by our legislature. They have done this with Racial issues but always neglect to mention their ancestral genocides of the Native Americans and more recent the interment of Japanese Americans and now potentially some people based on Religious beliefs. Our Senate Leader is not disposed to assist in any actions that would aid the Presidents agenda and by extension not serving the “American People” he is so fond of quoting. Given what the Congress is paid the Refund for one (1) year is approximately $54 Million dollars (+/-). What can be done with amount of cash?

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Please Donate

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