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The ongoing tragedy of Veterans care explained in a recent interview with researchers into the issue. It appears that our noteworthy? Congress mandated a change in procedure  (outsourcing care to local civilian medical facilities) but only gave 90 days (3 months) to get it done. Several prospective providers declined due to the small window of time provided. The companies that accepted the challenge are still struggling to implement the system. The Congress has been on the attack against these companies for failing but the failure is on the heads of Congress for not understanding what was involved in a huge undertaking such as this. Their intent was good but flawed , this is indicative of the offhand manner of legislating for “the American people”  they are so fond of citing. Our veterans have been suffering for years with poor medical treatment but not from medical staff but from the oppressively convoluted system of administration. The medical staff suffers as much as the Veterans since they have to follow the often inept and seemingly insane rules. This was supposed to make getting medical care easy to get in areas where there was or is no VA full service  medical assistance, instead we have the same clusterflak that brought us to this stage. There is no reason a veteran should have to travel 500 miles for treatment when there are qualified facilities within a 2 to 10 mile range. In Illinois there is a full VA medical complex in the St. Louis Area and Chicago but people are sent to Danville and often to Indianapolis (if Danville cannot take care of them). There is a provision for travel expenses but that system is not working that well either. The current news covers the upcoming Presidential election but if we do not pay attention to the smaller races  for Congressional seats we are failing make the needed changes in Government. The validation is that I have talked about this before but apparently no one is listening. I am a vet and fortunately do not have the serious illnesses suffered by others but I have had conversations with many and the stories you have heard are true. My experience was a series of appointments cancelled, reset and cancelled (one with no notice) and provider  changes . For a moment look at the plight of the providers, they get the brunt of the abuse being the “front line”. This role causes turnover and poor service. Whether you are a vet or if you know one, you need to be aware that our Congress is more at fault for many of the countries issue being unresolved or under resolved than any President we elect.

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