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The recent vote on LGBTQ issues was smothered by the Dupublican establishment. It is small wonder that the U.S. is in such turmoil. This election season has been so inundated by the evil of our politics and the emboldened Racism and anti anything thing that the extremist religious faction thinks is evil. We have hooded people who under the guise of being God-fearing and thereby agents of the same God to do what THEY determined to be his (or Her)bidding. According to some of these folks the earth is only 6000 years old (so much for fossil records). These are the same folks whose ancestors in some case were sent out of England for criminal offenses to the new world and whose arrival signaled a major disruption of the Native American way of life forever. America has never been a “white” country, it has been more of a conquered land much like the former USSR , the former Roman empire and the like.  Here we are hundreds of years later and still have no arrived in the modern world. This is a country built on the premise of equal opportunity for all but apparently there are unwritten restrictions that occur in the smaller minds of the people we have elected time after time. The Constitution which has been touted by people who have no idea of its content specifically mentions a separation of church and state and our current Congress has apparently forgotten that. These past 8 years have shown that as a nation we have not moved too far from the early beginnings when the Constitution was written. Final word: When any of the 535 congressional members is running for re-election remember what they have done to us and vote for someone else but vote. No vote is the same as a yes vote.

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