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The Presidential race is an issue in its self. The uproar over Hillary Clintons emails and servers has been blown way out of proportion. No one is investigating the previous Secretaries of state (Condoleezza Wright and Colin Powell) for their use of private servers, apparently its ok for one political party but not for the other or is this just another part of the dirty politics we are experiencing ? If we the people (voters) allow these political misdeeds to continue then shame on us! It is understandable that a lot of us (if not all) are angry and dissatisfied with our government and have been for a long time but that anger is misplaced. The energy in that anger needs to be placed on the doorstep of our Congress. These are the culprits in our broken politics. For too many years we have voted these people in without questioning what they are doing and have done, all the while they have mislead us and made us like it. How many coal miners lives have been lost due to the personal ambitions of their representatives? How many disasters and climatic problems could have been avoided or lessened by these representatives if they spent less time politicking and setting up their future lives with their “cronyism” ? The easy yet seeming hard question is are we willing to take a stand and vote against these political ne’er do wells and begin the shift to a more practical government much like the one offered (or perhaps required) by the Constitution? There will be no major shift towards better government until we demand it in the voting booth. Keep in mind that change in government does not begin or end with the President, it begins and ends with the Congress and if we do not take a stand against them then our fate is tied to 535 reckless and often feckless representatives.  The current vile and vicious language of the Presidential race is not a joke and we need to rise above the awful, hateful rhetoric to understand who we really need to elect even if that choice is not our primary one. Remember we have a broken Congress and we need to understand that whoever is in the Oval office will not prosper until we begin with election to replace the  535 seat fillers who have demeaned the office for years and at our behest.

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