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Apparently not enough of us read. After listening to the various delegates at the Dupublicans and the speakers it is clear to me that the major parties are both in a high state of dysfunction which leads to the highly contested races. Each of has an opinion and that is as it should be yet all opinions are not equal in that an informed opinion is better than an uninformed or a reasoned one. This state of reasoning is garnered from more the written word from several sources rather than the unilateral sources available in great abundance via the airwaves  and print. No one source is the ultimate authority but a key to being informed is diversity in sources. I have heard delegates who hate their presumptive candidates in some ways then vote for them based on other perceptions. No one candidate is perfect-again no one candidate is perfect! What is said on the campaign trail is not entirely the truth and often becomes unattainable when in office. We must remember the biggest block in initiating any agenda is 535 members of Congress whose own agendas do not necessarily reflect the needs and desires of the country as a whole. Too many of us listen to what the party leaders(?) say but do not attempt to get the facts. Trade, jobs and equality are all issues that have been glossed over with outlandish and often incorrect information which serves to bolster the party’s agenda. People are angry and angry people often make errors in judgement, these errors are what allows our political establishment to foist Their agendas on all of us. As voters we need to embody the old warning of “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware), think about this when you make a large purchase and the research you do before committing, then apply that to voting for an elected official at any level.

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