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Daily Archives: July 30th, 2016

The race is on, now that we have a nominee form each party, the irrelevant, wild and irreverent talk will begin in earnest.  The Trump wagon will now start to race at top speed,  exposing us to so many upcoming and  memorable insults and  inaccuracies. The main words will be “huge, Great and believe me”. Taken in context these words are usually fine but in the context of  speeches to persuade it will get old quickly with people who really listen. This contest is unusual in that one candidate has no political experience and is essentially running on the fumes of several failed also-rans. This is a campaign being pushed along by hate, ignorance and paucity of facts. The Trump supporters are angry at the Government (by extension President Obama) and ignoring the fact that we have a non functioning Congress who they totally ignore as the real cause of many of the issues we face. Consider the fact that Congress is now on a 7 week recess and leaving important work undone along with denial of a hearing for a replacement chief Justice and hoping someone other than a Scamocrat gets into office. Our Dupublican Congress has done no more than obstruct any means to improve the lot of the American people they are so fond of quoting for their own needs. As one of the American people I do not recall telling or asking them to do anything that goes against my interests.

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