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This election has shown how little we know about the election process and the effects of media coverage on our judgement of the candidates. Yes many if not all of us are angry or upset with how Government is run but unfortunately we are placing our hope for change in the wrong place. Reading more about the current seat fillers in Congress and in State legislatures will do more to improve our political system than the person who is elected to the top office. The National head is important but Congress is more so in that they stop or screw up more legislature than the President. Looking back at the decision to not support or even look at the Affordable care act and promising to defund , replace  or make something new has been an ongoing issue that has cost the voters more money and in some cases poorer service. The idea that they (Congress) will not even consider a replacement for the empty seat in the High court when there are issues that affect us all is unforgivable and has nothing to do with the Presidency but everything to do with the proper running of the country. The decisions made in our names are not necessarily decisions we asked for or wanted but we allowed it by not speaking up (this involves reading and listening to real news). Our Congress has overtly and covertly injected Racism in our politics while abdicating their responsibility as legislators. These are the people we have voted in over and over again and complained when nothing changes. The key to good government is the vote and we the “American People” control that. We would be well advised to remember that this country was founded by and on the backs of immigrants from all of the known world (even as far back as tens of thousand of years). We upon arrival in this country displaced the Native Americans almost to extinction and are just recently acknowledging their place as citizens of this country. Overall as a country we are still the destination for many other visitors from the rest of the world as temporary and permanent residents no matter what the current rhetoric indicates. A quick note on immigrants as related to terrorism: the average time before any immigrant can get into the U.S. is 5 years (of vetting), of course there are and probably will be the few that sneak in and get away with it but overall our borders are reasonably tight. We get up in arms when we hear about the bad ones but we did not ask for them or allow them in. There are homegrown bad actors from all citizens naturalized and native,these are people who would do what they have done or will do no matter where they live. Our obligation is to read and understand how the world works now and pay less attention to talking heads looking for acclaim as knowledgeable when their goal is their personal gain.


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