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The seemingly unending gaffes, distortions and out right lies of one Presidential contender as garnered all of the news. These inexplicable utterances have excited people to the point of insanity. Despite what reasonable people think, there are those who feel the candidate speaks for them or says what they are thinking and want to say. There is the fringe members of this group who feel that the Government is at fault and especially since the current White House resident is not like them. They are the dangers in America and potentially the home-grown terrorists. Each country in the world has their own homegrown terrorists but the wider world had not heard about it until the advent of social media. Returning to “He Who Will Not Be Named” this individual in my opinion had no intention of being in this contest this long and is apparently trying hard to get out but his supporters apparently do not see the bigger picture. His supporters are the folks who believe they are correct in their beliefs since their ancestors arrived in America, devastated the Native American economy in the name of God, stole people from Africa and held them hostage for hundreds of years. These supporters are the same people who believe anything that shows up on social media as true (the more sensational, the better). Our political parties have created these mindsets by following and perpetrating the “white/black” myth. He Who Will Not Be Named has just bullied his way into the spotlight that he so dearly loves and used the created racial divide to move it forward. It would be a tragedy for “HE” to be elected since that path would surely lead us to a path of war with some of our worldwide friends in the mix. The modern world has given us a good look at the other parts of he world and the countries that we interact with. We are (America) are not the chosen ones, we are just a better known part of the earth residents and as people we need to understand we have been where many other countries have recently come to. That being said our place is to look up from the world of  electronic news and read about the “real” events that affect us whether we want it to or not. If  voters continue to follow the “radical” rants of “He Who Will Not Be Named”, we could potentially become a “third” world country based on the isolation that could occur due to the crass and unknowing speeches of “He”.

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